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review Bo Knows Bo 103 Author Dick Schaap is the author of Instant Replay which for many year was the bestselling sports book ever 16 pages of photograph. Bo Knows Bo by BO Jackson is and autobiography about BO Jackson life When BO had his first Child it Changed his whole lifeHe went to collage and played both Football and baseball and was the best at both Bo had teams from all over the world wanting him but Bo s mother wanted him to return to collage and finish his workBo played for Memphis baseball Bo s mother was very sick That was a hard time for him because it was during the season so she was on his mind every second of the day so he wasn t focused Then by bo not being focused he was doing bad and his baseball coach ended up trading him BO was a great sports player but also a pain Bo had the worst attude anyone could haveHe get angry and do things that s not called for During Bo s young life he was very bad It was like he was a bully and to be honest Bo would do all kinds of bad stuff like play with guns and push kids around like they were his rag dolls Then bo started to get a little older so anything he did he had to take responbsabilty for it Another thing i didn t like was he even got a little older and he was still acting a fool BO had a lot of bad and good things that happened in his collage adult life In collage as I said before he played both football and baseball and a lot of teams wanted him BO s mother was great she raised all 7 of her kids by her self she the real MVP IN collage BO won Heisman Heisman means he was the best over all player in collage After collage BO was drafted to the LA Raiders which he 11 touchdowns and avg 53 yards a carry Bo then retired because of a hip injury which he had to get a hip replacement Despite the way bo acted in his younger years I very much recommend BO KNOWS BO BO s ups and downs kept me reading it was very interesting because bo s life could happen to any athletic If you like autobiography about any sports player i recommend you read this book it s full of things that is very interestingAnyone who reads this will be informed about how a athletics life can go

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review Bo Knows Bo 103 Here is the candid autobiography of the world's most exciting athlete Bo plays football for the LA Raiders and baseball for the Kan. I enjoyed the hell out of this book It s a shame that Bo blew out his hip he could have been the greatest modern runningback easilyHis storytelling style or his co authors is much readable than most sports biographies I have re read this book a couple times since

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review Bo Knows Bo 103 Sas City Royals He attended Auburn University where he won the Heisman Trophy and is now famous for his Nike and ATT commercials Co. This book is a documentary about a man named Vincent Edward Jackson most of us know him as Bo Jackson One of the Greatest athletes to have ever played in the MLB and the NFL Everyone who ever knew Bo had nothing but great things to say about him all they would talk about is how great of an athlete he was Bo always had people talking about him People from Sparky Anderson to Randy Dixon He started off as a troubled boy living in poverty with his 9 brothers and sisters He had many problems in school it s not because he was not smart enough but because he had a speech problem He stuttered a lot and other kids would make fun of him for that and he would get upset and angry and he would start beating up all the kids that would make fun of him It got so bad that he would consider it an after school ritual He was getting so mean that people would try to be his friend just so the would not get beat up It was not the fact that he was a bad kid just some of the decisions he made were not the best or right ones He once killed a pig with one rock He was a strong little kid who could run and jump faster and higher than any kid his age should Him and some of his actual friends who hung out with him at their own will they would all go to the water hole But the hard part was getting over the barbed wire fence and trespassing The man who owned the property one day found them and shot at them so the boys took off butt naked and ran through town This group of kids would steal people bikes and flip them and make them their own by melting the paint off and spray painting in their own As Bo got older he started going out for football and in high school he became a star in baseball and football His Senior Year he had UC after UC fighting over him After it all Bo finally chose Auburn where he played both Baseball and Football He was a great Athlete but some coaching would disagree with his work ethic Because Bo did not want to practice in fact he did not think he needed practice And it is true he did not need practice he did great without all of that He could still play ball better than anyone When Bo got hurt his Junior year he had to miss it all and although he was ready for his senior year the coaches did not know whether or he was going to be one hundred percent But he sure as hell proved them wrong and ran for yards than he had in his entire life It then came down to Bo picking either baseball or football and when Bo chose baseball all hell broke loose Nobody but Bo understood why he chose baseball But his career would shortly come to an end after a few years he decided to play football and was drafted by the LA Raiders and was injured after breaking his fracturing his femur

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