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review ☆ The volunteer D.H. Jonathan å 0 read R her to have her experiences Thank you Jessica Tang Von Harper author of Candlelight CityThis story was not only well written but had something worthwhile to say It was very interesting to try to understand the subtleties of how Dani felt about nudity Literotica user reader3634Read all 17 chapters over the last few days Couldn't get enough of it Literotica reader ikaiserWords fail me I have just read one of the best stories I have ever seen here on Literotica Please please please continue with Dani's further adventures Literotica reader TheRatintheH. Riveting naturist novelWe are born naked and then taught that being naked is wrong Being a young woman who never was naked in front of another person to being naked 247 wa

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review ☆ The volunteer D.H. Jonathan å 0 read Many people dream of being at work or school only to realize that they are naked For university student Danielle Keaton this dream is about to become her reality Facing the conseuences of a severe lack of judgement she is forced to make a choice either give up her scholarships and her plan for graduating from college debt free or volunteer to be the test subject in a uniue sociological study that will leave her naked and vulnerable to the entire university and eventually the worldComments from an earlier draft of The Volunteer which was formerly post. This book is not for the faint at heart or for those like myself that like to put themselves into the POV of the protagonist Because unless you have the desire to be naked

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review ☆ The volunteer D.H. Jonathan å 0 read Ed as a serial on LiteroticacomI really enjoyed your story and was most impressed in the way that you described Dani's progression through her project It was refreshing to read about being naked in public without the act being sexual and I suppose typifies the outlook held by naturists Well done Literotica user tompo296I enjoyed reading your story and appreciated how the ending showed how Dani had been changed by her experience I liked how you showed the awkwardness and embarrassment of Dani's situation but still provided a mostly safe environment fo. Interesting and thought provokingA very entertaining and we ll written look at the idea of nudity in everyday circumstances I hope this and similar stories will bring abou