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Free read Å Crazy Horses Girlfriend Û PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Margaritte is a sharp tongued drug dealing sixteen year old Native American floundering in a Colorado town crippled by poverty unemp. An intense compelling book about harsh harsh realities that doesn t shy away from that but also not from hope and heart Margaritte is a 16 year old mixed race Apache Chickasaw and Cherokee young woman living in Idaho Springs Colorado She s a drug dealer working with her cousin both her parents are physically abusive her white dad s an alcoholic and her apparently nice new boyfriend turns out to be a lying cokehead Halfway through the book she gets pregnant This sounds like a straightforward hard story of misery but it s never that simple Wurth continually resists the narrative of Margaritte being a victim and imbues her with smarts and self determination No one here is a stereotype everyone defies expectations and no one is only one thing even if they re an abuser or an asshole This gave me lots to think about issues like adoption teen pregnancy poverty colonization ueer native identity and It s a book that refuses to be easy to provide easy answers but is ready to show you other unexpected options

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Free read Å Crazy Horses Girlfriend Û PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook N move far beyond the bright lights of Denver that float on the horizon before the daily suffocation of teen pregnancy eats her aliv. Good Lord I m loving the voice in this one

review ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Erika T. Wurth

Free read Å Crazy Horses Girlfriend Û PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Loyment and drug abuse She hates the burnout futureless kids surrounding her and dreams that she and her unreliable new boyfriend ca. Erika T Wurth s debut novel from Curbside Splendor Crazy Horse s Girlfriend also deals with teen pregnancy but the circumstances couldn t be differentWurth s protagonist Magaritte is a 16 year old Native American whose family has escaped the poverty and despair of the reservation but is just barely getting by in Idaho Springs Colorado Magaritte is a bright but irreverent young girl who juggles school and a part time job taking care of her toddler twin sisters keeping her wild cousin Jake out of trouble and staying out of her alcoholic father s way To make ends meet she helps Jake with petty drug deals Then she meets a boy Mike is the new kid in school who s moved from California to the wealthy suburbs of Idaho Springs He took my clothes off slowly his hand running down my hip over my thunderbird tattoo I love this thing he said and kissed itThis exchange sends a warning to readers that Mike sees Magaritte not as a person so much as an exotic other a plaything for his fantasies Magaritte though street savvy and justifiably wary is still just a kid and she falls for him in a bad way Mike of course isn t as innocent as she is first made to believe and their romance has terrible conseuences for Magaritte Jake and her entire familyIt s a plot right out of an after school special but in Crazy Horse s Girlfriend there s no safety net On TV the hardest thing the protagonist has to do is face the conseuences of her actions Magaritte has to do that too and it s not easy but her situation is complicated by the constant threat of violence both on the streets and in her homeWurth paints a stirring portrait of life at the margins for a Native American teen whose dream of living a normal life is compromised by the poverty she desperately tries to escape Crazy Horse s Girlfriend isn t just a story about Native Americans it s an American story we cannot afford to ignore

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