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Derviš i smrt

Derviš i smrt Read & download Þ 102 M of an elaborate suicide note regularly misuoting the Koran In time he begins to uestion his relations with society as a whole and eventually his life choices in general Hugely successful when published in the 1960s. After lots of thought I was going to rate this book either one star or five stars I chose to give it the five stars and to rate myself with one for not being able to understand ANYTHING going on in it I totally failed me cause even I can see that this is a world masterpiece and truly about subjects that interest me immensly the Balkans history religion inner turmoils being ethical when everyone around you isn t moral dilemmas that break a person But my God its writing style filled with endless dense internal monologues was soooo heavy that the book ended up being totally incomprehensible to me yet I read it all Maybe in ten years I ll give it me another chance

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Derviš i smrt Read & download Þ 102 Death and the Dervish is an acclaimed novel by Bosnian writer Mesa Selimovic It recounts the story of Sheikh Nuruddin a dervish residing in an Islamic monastery in Sarajevo in the eighteenth century during the . Guilt law justice I ve already read two grand books about law justice and guilt The Trial by Franz Kafka and Invitation to a Beheading by Vladimir Nabokov and Death and the Dervish by Me a Selimovi surely belongs in this fine row of masterpiecesThe hero wants to pass his time in prayers and the passive contemplation of divinity and the world but to live is to take sides and taking sides is dangerousI do not yet know what will be written here But in the strokes of these letters at least some of what was in me will remain no longer to perish in eddies of mist as if it had never been or as if I had never known what happened In this way I will come to see how I became what I am this self that is a mystery even to me And yet it is a mystery to me that I have not always been what I am now I know these lines are muddled my hand trembles at the task of disentanglement that I face at the trial I now commence Here I am everything judge witness and accusedEverything that happens is ambiguous and ambivalent Justice belongs to those who wield power Culprits are those whom the endued with power name guilty If you don t think blackly things can get blacker Nothing depends on you It doesn t help to be either brave or cowardly neither to curse nor to weep nothing can help you So sit and wait for your lot and it s already black since you re here That s what I think if you re not guilty then it s their mistake If you are guilty then it s your mistake If you re innocent then misfortune has struck you as if you ve fallen into a deep whirlpool And if you re not innocent you ve earned it nothing And the moral is the most ambiguous of all things There are plenty levels of morality for everyone Moral is layered like onion skinThey dreamed of rulers who were good but who was that As far as he was concerned he dreamed of bribable ones he liked them the most because there was a way to them Worst are the honest ones who need nothing who have no human weaknesses and know only about some higher law which is almost incomprehensible to ordinary men No one can do evil than they can They create enough hatred to last for a hundred yearsBut he who walks the path of moral compromises inevitably turns into an instrument of evil

Free read Ù PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ô Meša Selimović

Derviš i smrt Read & download Þ 102 Ottoman Turk hegemony over the Balkans When his brother is arrested he must descend into the Kafkaesue world of the Ottoman authorities in his search to discover what happened to him He narrates his story in the for. ENGLISH People despise everyone who succeeds and hate the ones who surpass them Get used to scorn if you want peace and hate if you agree to fight BOSNIAN Ljudi preziru sve one koji ne uspiju a mrze one koji se uspnu iznad njih Navikni se na prezir ako elis mir ili na mr nju ako pristane na borbu I read this book back in high school and it was a school assignment The writer of this book is from the city where I went to school Our teacher urged us to read this book not because it was a school assignment She said this book makes you think And I read it and it was beautiful beyond beautiful ENGLISH Thousand times you regret what you have said rarely what you have not BOSNIAN Hiljadu puta se pokaje za ono to ka e rijetko za ono to pre uti The writing style is complicated and not easy to read But these uotations show you what a masterpiece this book is I wish this book was appreciated in the world It is full of wisdom I want to find an english version of this book Sadly this author is not well known outside the ex Yugoslavian countries ENGLISH Lonely in between the graves I forgot hate It came back when I approached people BOSNIAN Usamljen me u grobovima zaboravio sam na mr nju Vratila mi se kad sam pri ao ljudima VERY IMPORTANT NOTE I translated the uotations from Bosnian to English myself Sorry for all the mistakes that I made

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