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Summary The Life List Lori Nelson Spielman ✓ 6 Free read Download ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Lori Nelson Spielman Resta che seguire le istruzioni materne mese dopo mese ogni volta che Brett spunta una voce della lista riceve dal notaio una nuova lettera della mamma Affettuosa comprensiva protettiva e piena di una fiducia senza riserve Come una carezza che la spinge fra una lacrima e un sorriso a non mollare e ad aprirsi al domani A scoprire l'affetto di una famiglia vera e a esplorare il terreno dei sentimenti più teneri Perché la vita è fatta per essere vissuta sempre. Brett a woman with a male name she constantly finds herself explaining is devastated when her mother passes away However the real shock comes for her with the reading of her mother s will She is to complete a list of tasks in order to be eligible for her inheritanceThis book was uite heart warming while Brett struggles with grief and coming to terms with the conditions in her mother s will But will the tasks force Brett to actually start to live her own lifeThis was heading for 4 stars from me but the way the end of the book wrapped up was disappointing and very uick so only 3 stars now

Download ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Lori Nelson SpielmanThe Life List

Summary The Life List Lori Nelson Spielman ✓ 6 Free read Download ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Lori Nelson Spielman A trentauattro anni Brett Bohlinger ha tutto uello che vuole un lavoro invidiabile nell'azienda di famiglia un loft molto trendy un fidanzato irresistibile e una mamma affettuosissima che è anche la sua migliore amica Perciò uando l'adorata madre Elizabeth muore Brett è devastata per aver perso il suo punto di riferimento E il dolore si trasforma in rabbia nel momento in cui si ritrova anche con un pugno di mosche Perché alla lettura del testamento invece d. 5 stars is definitely not enough for this book I wish I could give it 10Most well written books offer enjoyable moments clever dialogue and an entertaining adventure for the reader But a very special few of these books touch a reader s soul in a way that makes them look at life differently in a way that makes them feel alive and in a way that that book will be cherished on their bookshelf like an old photograph to be looked at revisited and thought of with fond memories a book that becomes a valued possession that just could never be let go The Life List is just that sort of special novel that in all the books I ve read this year a few of which I ve already forgotten it stands out among the rest I will remember it and think fondly of the story and recommend it to others with great enthusiasm as an adventure that all lovers of literature should enjoy My first recommendation of course will be to my motherThis book is a lovely story about the decisions we make in life our search for happiness and what really matters in the end The leading character Brett Bohlinger is a successful executive at her mother s booming cosmetic business She has an apartment in a coveted area in town a successful boyfriend who is ambitious and hot enough to cause whiplash in women he walks by and items that would make the Joneses jealous From afar Brett has the perfect life When her mother suddenly becomes sick and passes away Brett is dealt a devastating blow The one parent who truly loved her the person who she could count on to smooth out life s difficulties answer any uestion and fix any problem is torn away from her in a heartbeat Brett s determined to make her mother proud as the new CEO of the family company and this position fills her with a mixture of motivation and dread Taking over the CEO will involve her being the boss of her ambitious perfect sister in law running a multi million dollar company and fitting in a position which she doesn t have the confidence in her ability to succeed Then Brett is dealt the second biggest blow of her life when the will is read Instead of the inheritance and company position she anticipates she s left with a reuirement to complete a life list she wrote when she was 14 and she has one year to complete all the items Brett stares at the list Buy a horse have a baby or two become a teacher perform on stage have a relationship with her father Her mom can t be serious A horse in the city A relationship with her father who has already died and was cold and distant to Brett as a child A baby or two in a yearAs Brett s world flips upside down she realizes that sometimes not having what you thought you wanted like the CEO position or the designer watch can actually be a blessing As she completes the list her life focus changes and she finds things that bring her joy that she would have never expected Happiness isn t something you strive to achieve It s not impressing people who are difficult to please It s not something you can buy As she completes each item she gains ground on finding the hopeful optimistic girl she used to be and moves past the fearful woman who is settling and is afraid of change In her will her mother left her the greatest gift a mother could give a roadmap long abandoned to the simpler things in life which will bring the greatest happiness She left her daughter a final lesson a lesson on how to follow her own dreams and not to compromise This novel makes me want to tackle something I m afraid of and reflect back on abandoned dreams It reminds me that even if you ve traveled a long way down road 30 years down that road that if you realize it s going in the wrong direction you can always turn around or forge a new path somewhere else It is not to late to live the life you were meant to live The life that feels real and brings inspiration and passion It shows us that we have the strength all along to do what brings us the greatest joy It s a testimony not to compromise on love friendship and family and that if you find that you re lonely despite being surrounded by others then maybe it s the wrong people you are surrounded by The book is about first impressions and lasting impressions It s about forgiveness choices love and taking the leap of faith even if you can t yet see where you ll land It s an amazing book that I would love to see turned into a movie and a book that I think everyone who enjoy s women s literature should readUpdate I also listened to the audio versionThe narration on this book was enjoyable and I loved hearing this story for a second time Rebecca Gibel does an excellent job portraying Brett I would definitely recommend this novel both in paper back and audio

Lori Nelson Spielman ✓ 6 Free read

Summary The Life List Lori Nelson Spielman ✓ 6 Free read Download ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Lori Nelson Spielman I nominarla nuova amministratrice della Bohlinger Cosmetici Elizabeth le lascia soltanto una lettera Ed è una lettera strana che la esorta a riconsiderare la sua vita partendo dalla lista dei desideri che aveva stilato da ragazzina vent'anni prima Solo se nell'arco di un anno realizzerà tutti gli obiettivi di allora innamorarsi salvare il mondo essere felice desideri semplici e assoluti al contempo riceverà la sua eredità Inizialmente riluttante a Brett non. A really cute loveable read if you want a sincere life goal like this womenNo matter how we plan things you never know what s around the corner

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