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review Milk and Honey Milk and Honey review ↠ 8 Yolanda Olson å 8 Free read I've spent most of my time in a cage A beautiful steel structure that gives me a sense of safetyI've been let out and I don't like this I can't tell if this is a mind game or if I'm no longer of use Nothing seems real any and I've been left aloneI wan. This is why I adore Yolanda s twisted mind She brings clarity to a genre that is considered murky and unrealistic This is not the case overall but the perception Authors such as Yolanda not only bring clarity but also the one finger salute to the naysayersMilk Honeyhmmmmm My initial thought was oh goodness I hope Yolanda didn t bump her head and move to vanilla Ha Perish the thought This story is as dark and twisted as dark and twisted can be You re thinking and expecting one thing and BOOM The story is not only at the end of the spectrum but Yo is there serving hors d oeuvres So if you re looking for a dark and twisted mindfck with some deliciously dark and crazy AF brutal sexual acts then hit the one click button and begin the journey If you re still attempting to decide you re not ready Five stars

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Milk and Honey

review Milk and Honey Milk and Honey review ↠ 8 Yolanda Olson å 8 Free read T to be put back into the world I know but he's been gone for days and I don't know when he'll come home or if he'll come home and it breaks my heart I won't try to run I won't try to escape and gain some false sense of freedom If I've earned that muc. 3 starsLoved the story line it was dark and twisted Everything I come to love from Yolanda Olson BUT it was too confusing Her personality and mind changed without even a break in the chapter I didn t feel a connection to the characters at all Unfortunately this won t be a re read for me3 stars

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review Milk and Honey Milk and Honey review ↠ 8 Yolanda Olson å 8 Free read H there's no doubt he would have granted it to me I don't know how much longer I can survive without him I want him to come home so that I know I haven't failed him in some way Sir Do you still need me like I need you Please Can I go back into the cag. The woman in the story was so twisted I don t know if she was that twisted before or after Sir got to her Did she already have the characteristic of psychopath Where they just dormant waiting to surface At the beginning of the story I felt sorry for the unknown woman However by the middle of the book I was doing about face Sir I don t know who was being playing him or her By the end of the book I knew she couldn t be a part of the real world It seemed like she wanted to be one with Sir She wanted to stand by his side as a eual I got the feeling she knew as well as Sir that was never going to happen Could you be her Be this woman and wait for SirMy favorite uote from the bookHe attempts to let out a huff of air but is still obstructed by the makeshift gag A kinder person would remove it but I m not kind I wasn t bred for kindness I was bred for greatness and this is much too simple an emotion to fall prey to

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