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Margaret Pargeter Ï 3 download review ↠ eBook or Kindle ePUB Ï Margaret Pargeter characters The Odds Against Tive wanted her in fact Carl didn't love her; not only that he would go running back to Petula if he ever got the chance Could such a one sided marriage possibly wor. There is something terribly wrong with the hero the heroine and the author of this book My rating of stated that it was the kind of book that was either one star or five this could have earned such a tug of war as well except that the hero had NO cause to be as mean as he was to Gail There was no big misunderstanding she didn t play him false she was so doormousey I think an amalgam of doormat and mousey aptly covers it and bent so far backwards for him he should have treated her like gold even if he didn t love herBy the end I don t uite buy that he loves her not for any lack of the appropriate words from the author If I were gullible and didn t just think Carl was a terrible TERRIBLE person he frakking hits her twice and she fell into a dresser on the last instance for which he barely apologizes months later I d maybe have bought it But I kid you not FOUR pages away from the end I seriously considered not finishing Listen it is not enough to simply describe him as emaciated and lacking in sleep wasting away from regret this doesn t make it all better it shouldn t in the real world At one point I was seeing so much red he said her name Gail and I swore it read Guilt For the guilt he should have been feeling Serious FrakktardI understand she loved him but where was her pride If there was nothing else to say to her this man doesn t deserve you where was her frakking prideIt s gone and made me angry I only gave it two stars because I m a sucker for angst and as terrible as I found it in all these explained aspects it delivered on that Also the author isn t a bad one far from it I just hated the characters and wonder what was going through her mind when she dreamt Carl up

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Margaret Pargeter Ï 3 download review ↠ eBook or Kindle ePUB Ï Margaret Pargeter characters The Odds Against Ever since his fiancee Petula Hogan had walked out on him to marry someone else Carl Elliott had been a changed man bitter and suspicious of all women and Gail who h. The premise of the story is that the heroine agrees to a marriage of convenience with the Hero who has been jilted by his true love beautiful goddess fiancee after breaking his leg Yep you read it right this paragon of all that is feminine grace and charm dumps our valiant H just because he had a simple fracture mending in 6 weeks tops and runs off with another agile man There is no danger of loss of limb or paralysis the H just needed crutches till he could get the walking cast on but the fragile ethereal OWtrue love couldn t handle the damageThe h has of course been seekritly in lurve with the H forevah so she jumps at the chance to be his live in throw rug They marry and immediately the H turns into the biggest jerk in the universes since the last Lilian Peake book He is constantly telling our poor mousy h how plain boring and utterly disgusting she is compared to his true lurve OW Then he tells her that he will be dumping our doormat h as soon as he gets enough work out of herOur h s supposed plainness and non excitement does NOT keep the H out of her bed so I guess true lurve avowals forevah to his former fiancee are no guarantee of fidelity on the H s part Then comes the big shocker the OW gets divorced and the h doesn t say anything to the H mostly cause every time the h says anything regarding H s twue lurve he backhands her This failure to inform earns the pregnant h another backhand across the room and into a cabinet this time and the H throws her out to boot Sadly as this is old old skool angst harley style the h is so distraught while driving she wrecks and loses the babyShe winds up at her sister s the only woman in the book who has the very good sense and a huge husband to tell the H where to go and that the h hates his guts in perpetuity Good thing the sis lied cause the h is STILL so in lurve she tells her sister not to say anything bad about our erstwhile H cause she will always always lurve him and be his doormat scraping gutter Sis wants to offer aid and assistance but sadly no backbone transplants for the h were available Of course the H shows up hat in hand sorta apologizes and asks h to come back cause now he really does lurve her forevah or at least until another hot blonde babe shows up with whip in hand to force H to his knees and make him crawl off pantingly after her hopefully for the poor deluded h in this book that happy occurrence happens approximately three pages after this book endsIn spite of the all the WTF ry and probably because of it I like this book It takes style and skill to make a truly awful horrible Hero and yet keep the reader glued to the outcome MP had a talent for that and I just couldn t put the book down I do have to warn unsuspecting readers that this is not a post 2000 Harleuin Romance when the line went sweet and politically correct This is an old skool contemporary bodice ripper and than a few readers have thrown this against the wall in disgust Thus the book is not only a true wall banger but a triple plaster and paint job wonder as well Read it at your peril

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Margaret Pargeter Ï 3 download review ↠ eBook or Kindle ePUB Ï Margaret Pargeter characters The Odds Against Ad loved him for years was very worried about him Nevertheless had she done the right thing in agreeing to marry him It was obvious that although he found her attrac. I m giving it 2 stars since it did deliver on the WTF and angst First of all I m not the doormat police I m a very very easy going person which is sometimes mistaken for being a doormat No I just pick my battles If something is important to me I ll fight you If I don t care much either way whatever I m not going to waste emotional energy in a pissing contest just to prove I m not a pushover Plus I m a firm believer in the old adage You catch flies with honey than with vinegar All that being said Jeez Louise This chick was THE doormat I m not sure the guy could have done anything to make her hate him I love a good train wreck And this is VERY wrecky However it s not my type of disaster For one thing I m completely uninterested in reading a romance where there is an actual other woman I prefer the other woman to be the scheming ex or the scheming wannabe In other words it needs to be one sided I don t want the H to actually want the other woman despite what the h may be led to believeAnd then there s the verbal and physical abuse he slaps her twice and puts her down constantly The heroine apologizes for it She is angry at her sister for daring to say bad things about the H and for attempting to protect her from him She is a classic abused woman I had a cop tell me once that one reason domestic calls are so dangerous is because you never know what the victim will do Often they will turn on the officer when heshe attempts to arrest the abuser It s a terrible and very sad thing and I can just imagine this heroine pulling a gun on anyone attempting to rescue herI m convinced that this book was written to validate those poor deluded ladies who think that they will triumph in the end by being a martyr and standing by their man even when that man makes it pretty clear he could give a crap where she stands Depressing ETA So friggin sick of the emaciated hero passing as a grovel Who gives a crap Your ass deserves to be emaciated

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