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  • 01 February 2019
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Summary Nëpunësi i Pallati it të Endrrave

Summary Nëpunësi i Pallati it të Endrrave review ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ó Ismail Kadare Ismail Kadare Ó 5 Download Palatul Viselor cea mai teribila si mai nemiloasa caricatura a totalitarismului in descompunere dupa cum spunea Andre Clavel a aparut intr o prima varianta Slujbasul de la Palatul Viselor la Tirana in 1981 si a fost interzis de regimul comunist al lui Enver Hodja Kadare isi publica versiunea finala in 1990 la Editura Fayard la scurt timp dupa emigrarea in Franta Romanul probabil cea mai curajoasa carte a lui Ismail Kadare surprinde cosmarul orwellian amplificat intr o izbucnire violenta a istoriei moderne impletin. This is another fascinating story from Ismail Kadare It is a story of the uprilis Turkish Koprulu a noble Albanian family and the Tabir Sarrail the Palace of Dreams a government ministry which wields great unbridled power It reads very much like magical realism but is set against a historical backdropSet in the time of the Ottoman Empire the influential and respected uprili family had illustrious members who were Viziers and other important officials Not so for Mark Alem who was rather insignificant without much talent or gumption What he did have was a maternal uprili inheritance but counterbalanced by an Arabic paternal descent He is thrust into a highly sought after career at the Tabir Sarrail The task of the Tabir is to classify and examine the dreams of all citizens without exception The premise is that Allah sends a forewarning to the world through dreams which may come from anybody The Tabir has to sift out ordinary dreams as well as the fake news dreams leaving only the potentially important ones and to interpret these selected dreams Distilled at the end are Master Dreams which determine the future of the empireThe Tabir is a labyrinth of hallways and rooms filled with thousands of nameless staff who stick to fixed routines and run like clockwork It is in this Orwellian environment that the addlepated Mark Alem has to not only survive but to thrive That they collect sort and analyse dreams seems rather odd and could only be allegorical Also symbolic is how Mar Alem keeps losing his way in the Tabirview spoilerThe story is like a game of chess With gambits and sacrifices from both sides of the board It becomes obvious later that the push for Mark Alem is politically motivated Like on a chess board he starts as a lowly pawn from the bottom and gets slowly advanced all the way to the back row to convert to a important chess pieceThere is nothing endearing about Mark Alem but one feels sorry for him as he gets swept along by politics While he had no outstanding ability or wisdom he had insight into his situation Even at the pinnacle of his career he still understood that it could all be taken away just as easily as it came hide spoiler

review ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ó Ismail KadareNëpunësi i Pallati it të Endrrave

Summary Nëpunësi i Pallati it të Endrrave review ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ó Ismail Kadare Ismail Kadare Ó 5 Download Nterpretarii alegoriile si enigmele onirice ale unei imparatii intregi Cerc dupa cerc ca intr un alt infern dantesc tanarul ajunge pana in varful ierarhiei puterii de unde supravegheaza cu ura si teama mecanismul orb al politiei inconstientului Insa inevitabil fatalismul balcanic il impinge tot mai aproape de prapastia indoielilor oare un stapan absolut chinuit de spaima muta de a nu intra el insusi in hatisul propriei masinarii demonice nu va sfarsi intr o buna zi condamnat de un vis anonim la dizgratie si uitare. In this spare novel Ismail Kadare creates a metaphor for the police state A young distaff scion of a family powerful enough to rival the leaders of Ottoman Empire is given a job in the Palace of Dreams Here a huge machinery gathers the dreams from around the Empire It copies sorts interprets sifts and archives themJust as a thought police thrives on rumor and innuendo so does the Palace The power struggles of the mighty are not discussed or understood even among the intimates of the participants but are palpable throughout the empire and very keenly felt at the Palace of Dreams Kadare demonstrates how the fear of the unknown paralyzes bystanders and how participants keep everyone in the darkWhile this book is over 15 years old I had not heard of it or its author I found it through an reviewer whose interests run parallel to mine This book and perhaps the author I ll have to read Kadare should be on academic reading lists along with the works of George Orwell and Aldous Huxley

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Summary Nëpunësi i Pallati it të Endrrave review ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ó Ismail Kadare Ismail Kadare Ó 5 Download D intr o poveste atemporala spaimele mentalitatii primitive cu delirul birocratiei totalitareIntr un timp incert poate inceputul secolului XX sultanul imensului dar subredului Imperiu Otoman ingradeste libertatea supusilor controlandu le visele prin intermediul celei mai inspaimantatoare si mai misterioase institutii ale puterii Tabir Saray Aici se angajeaza Mark Alem descendentul unei puternice familii cu radacini intr o Albanie reala si mitica totodata cel care primeste sarcina kafkiana de a trece prin filtrul i. Kadare s metaphor for a monolithic police state and its workings Set in the late 19th century Ottoman Empire I figured this out from several subtle hints in the novel along with elements from the late 20th century this novel tells of a young man Mark Alem who is employed by the Palace of Dreams the author s surreal intelligence agency where dreams from all over the empire are collected sorted interpreted with an eye to discovering which might be a Master Dream pointing to a possible coup or other upheaval in the State When one is discovered the sultan s secret police can nip a possible plot in the bud and do away with any perpetrators Mark Alem starts out in the Selection Department and passes along a file containing what he feels might be a possibly incriminating dream a wasteland filled with garbage a musical instrument a rampaging bull and a bridge When he is promoted to the Interpretation Section he is faced with the very same dream We don t know his final interpretation but agents from the Master Dream Section become very busyA chilling and nightmarish novel reminiscent of Kafka the claustrophobic labyrinthine corridors of the Palace are evoked frighteningly Mark Alem must find his way from one department to another alone hoping for help On his day off he notices how pale and insipid the real world has become as compared with the inner lives of people in the Palace Atmospheric Very highly recommended I d advise reading the author s Three Arched Bridge first if possible to get some backstory