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Holy Fools review Ô 104 Read & Download ó PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook â Joanne Harris R the birth of her daughter she takes up the veil and a new name Soeur Auguste But the peace she has found in re mote isolation is shattered five years later by the events that follow the death of her kind benefactress the Reverend MotherWhen a new abbess the daughter of a corrupt noble family elevated by the murder of King Henri IV arrives at Sainte Marie de la mer she does not arrive alone With her is her personal confessor and spiritual guide Père Colombin a man Soeur Auguste knows all too well For the newcomer is Guy LeMerle a charlatan and seducer now masuerading as a priest an. A gorgeous compelling story set in mediaeval France Holy Fools has all the ingredients I love in Joanne Harris s books There s a strong complex heroine with pagan inclinations a few villains a slightly gothic setting and a lot of less than comfortable reflections on the human condition Harris has a very warts and all approach to portraying people She doesn t tend to do clear lines between the wholly good and the wholly bad and I love this about her workOne of the themes running through this novel is that way in which people are often complicit in their own oppression In trying to please the oppressor and trying to avoid punishment we give other names to the witch hunter We accuse someone else to take attention from ourselves So often what is called for in oppressive scenarios is a banding together to fight off the tyrant If there s one tyrant and many people being mistreated weight of numbers should fix it but often it doesn t Instead in trying to protect ourselves we uphold evil systems and support those who abuse usThis is a powerful story the characters are many and brought to life with consummate skill I am absolutely convinced that just reading Joanne Harris has the effect of making me a better author I learn so much from her work and am constantly aware that I have a lot of learning to do yet

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Holy Fools review Ô 104 Read & Download ó PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook â Joanne Harris D the one man she fears than any otherSoeur Auguste has a secret Once she was l'Ailée The Winged One star performer of a troupe led by LeMerle before betrayal forced her to change her identity But now the past has found her Before long thanks to LeMerle suspicion and debauchery are breeding like a plague within the convent's walls fueled by dark rumors of witchcraft part of the false priest's brilliantly orchestrated scheme of revenge To protect herself and her beloved child l'Ailée will have to perform one last act of dazzling daring audacious than any she has previously attempted. Joanne Harris can spin a tale I was totally captivated by this magical medieval story that follows two adversaries who both love and vie with each other Juliette is a high wire artist who was raised as a gypsy She seeks refuge at the Abbey of Sainte Marie de la mer when she becomes pregnant with her baby Fleur She enjoys the uiet life there tending her herbs etc until she once again comes in contact with the Blackbird the conniving and cruel yet charming Guy LeMerle who shows up disguised as P re Colombin de Saint Amand confessor to the newly appointed abbess Juliette and LeMerle have been both lovers and antagonists and their relationship is the central theme of Harris story They are like magnets the positive and negative aspects of their personalities pulling them together and thrusting them apart as they battle each other while at the same time respecting the other s movesSet in 17th century France when internal conflicts beset the Catholic church the story is both theatrical and intense Harris keeps the reader s attention with the developing intrigue between her two main characters One is never uite sure how LeMerle will manipulate events and if Juliette will continue to be a victim or emerge victorious She knows LeMerle s favors always come with a price and the story reaches a turning point when she realizes that pride is all he hasThis is the fourth Joanne Harris book I ve read and I have yet to be disappointed

Read & Download ó PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook â Joanne Harris

Holy Fools review Ô 104 Read & Download ó PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook â Joanne Harris With her internationally bestselling novels Chocolat Blackberry Wine Five uarters of the Orange and Coastliners Joanne Harris has woven intoxicating spells that celebrate the sensuous while exposing the passion secrets and folly beneath the surface of rustic village life In Holy Fools her most ambitious and accomplished novel to date she transports us back to a time of intrigue and turmoil of deception and masueradeIn the year 1605 a young widow pregnant and alone seeks sanctuary at the small Abbey of Sainte Marie de la mer on the island of Noirs Moustiers off the Brittany coast Afte. I finally read a Joanne Harris book Have looked at these books for years and have always loved the covers but thought they could be winners or losers for me but this was a winnerA young lady spends her early years traveling and performing with a gypsy troupe meeting people along the way who will have great impressions on her life After several run ins and close calls the troupe disbands spreading to various parts of France Juliette finds herself in a convent where she lives an easy life with a group of Nuns several from similar backgrounds But she can t escape her past and eventually it catches up with her But things have changed within Juliette through the years and now she will deal with her past But she is not prepared for what is to comeAgain I must say I am not one to read much historical fiction and this book takes place in the year 1610 but I really delved into this I enjoy historical non fiction reads and felt that the research for the times of this story was vastI enjoyed this book far than I hoped too It has a great cast of female characters a fast moving plot and a fair amount of underhanded dealings I m sure to read of Joanne s books

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