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review Icarus at the Edge of Time 103 A futuristic reimaging of the classic Greek myth as a boy ventures through deep space a. A board book for all ages Briane Greene s Icarus at the Edge of Time is a futuristic reinvention of the Greek myth of Icarus the boy who disregarded his father s advice and flew too near the sun Like his ancient counterpart our Icarus is the son of innovative men who finds himself trapped in a prison of his father s making In his case that prison is the Proxima a starship dispatched from Earth on a multi generational voyage to contact another sentient species A brilliant young man Icarus resents the idea that he will live and die aboard the Proxima and in a rash act of defiance decides to explore a passing black holeAs someone with an abiding interest in mythology and the ways in which it is continuously reinvented as well as a great fondness for space opera of the Star Trek variety I was uite intrigued when a friend recommended this book to me Gorgeously illustrated with photographs of various cosmic phenomena taken by the Hubble Space Telescope this chunky picture book explores Einstein s prediction that time will slow down as one approaches a black hole while also offering a meditative picture of human impatience and our impulse to explore I was actually rather surprised to find myself so moved by Greene s narrative and wish that I was acuainted with some young astronomer to whom I could give this title

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review Icarus at the Edge of Time 103 S provided by NASA and the Hubble Space telescope and printed on board rather than pape. While this book is very pretty to look at on some level it s also very frustrating to have beautiful images covered with an black dot that increases in size with every turn of the page Interesting concept for a book but the execution could have been much betterAlso this is a coffee table book not a novel like The Elegant Universe which is coming up soon on my to read list and I m very much looking forward to Stick to the physics Brian let the artists do the coffee table books

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review Icarus at the Edge of Time 103 Nd challenges the awesome power of black holes The beauty of the book lies in the image. Every time I shelve books at a certain library branch my shoulder hits this oversize book It s bright and colorful but I m always too busy to pull it off the shelf and look Today I made the time Based on the Greek Myth of Icarus but set during a futuristic space exploration this book is stellar excuse the pun Not only as you read this cautionary legend are you educated in the in the mysteries of black holes and the importance of listening to your parents but you will enjoy glittering pictures of galaxies and nebulas that will stir your inner scientist and inspire your soul

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  • 09 March 2019
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