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  • Paperback
  • 304
  • Cassandra's Chateau Black Lace
  • Fredrica Alleyn
  • English
  • 05 December 2018
  • 9780352345233

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Summary à PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Fredrica Alleyn Cassandra's Chateau Black Lace Read ì 100 N in his chateau for eighteen months The arrival of Nicola who has come to stay for the su. good story but with a rush end

Summary à PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Fredrica Alleyn

Cassandra's Chateau Black Lace

Summary à PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Fredrica Alleyn Cassandra's Chateau Black Lace Read ì 100 Mmer means that once again he can indulge his fancy for playing erotic games with stranger. I am disappointed to announce that I found this book a complete let down to its predecessorThe story continues in a fashion with Cassandra taking her place as mistress of the household and doing very little elseThe sex scenes lacked imagination no relationship was built and in my experience seemed forcedA complete farce and not a great interpretation of a consensual relationship between a Master and his subThe book focuses on jealousy and competition between submissives and a battle to see who wins the prize of remaining within the householdPlease do not waste your time reading this book as if you want to explore this genre there are thousands of books that do a far better job

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Summary à PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Fredrica Alleyn Cassandra's Chateau Black Lace Read ì 100 The blisteringly sexy seuel to Cassandra's ConflictCassandra has been living with the baro. Less a seuel to Alleyn s scorching Cassandra s Conflict than a b side There are a lot of problems with this book that make it a missed opportunity at best and something of a real disappointment at worst The basic situation is that Cassandra about 18 months on from the 1st book has to endure a new game which pits her against a shy inexperienced rival essentially a version of how she was at the beginning of the earlier novel who could take her place at the Baron s side if Cassandra fails to surpass the new girl Nicola in sexual submission and endurance The book begins well enough with a slow burn of tension as the arrival of Nicola approaches distracting the reader with different sex games in the titular chateau When awkward Nicola arrives things seem promising However pretty soon Alleyn gets bogged down in a routine of extremely over worked sex scenes that stretch credulity while exasperating the reader Think I m just being finicky Well try out the backdoor deflowerment in Chapter Ten In order to break Nicola in she is treated to an intimate cleansing two glasses of an aphrodisiac cordial an expander made of ivory some heavy petting a double headed toy then some aphrodisiac lubricating jelly Nicola no longer knew what was happening to her p 188 Hey she s not the only one This scene is so busy it s like the inauguration of a head of state And this is nothing in non straightforwardness compared to the bizarre sex game with the housemaids in Chapter Twelve which still leaves me scratching my head By the end of the book there s some new toy involved called anal jumping beads and this really gets to the crux of the problem Alleyn is so strained for novelty here it completely gets in the way of just using her set up and characters to create coherent naturally obvious acts of debauchery Tellingly it s the little moments here that are memorably hot a shame faced Nicola marched upstairs to bed by a housemaid while she wears a single kinky adornment or getting played with by the poolside and fitted in a fetish harness Nicola turns out to be petulant and a bit mean but also very arousable and therefore not much of a challenge to the Baron The rest of the characters are basically ciphers still though at least a little jealousy clouds the once imperturbable Baron s mood Cassandra gets to be dominant occasionally which is kinda exciting and I actually still like the way she s kinda unreadable not always my favorite thing in a heroine but it fits the mood of the story Alleyn seems to want these Cassandra books to be a kind of Euro glam somewhat kinder gentler version of The Story of O I can t fault Cassandra s Chateau for ambition and in spite of my complaints there are still parts I like I guess I m still grateful on balance to have this story of Nicola s training and Cassandra s further adventures but this could have turned out so much better And some of these hyper fussy overworked scenes are just head scratching Alleyn s so busy with the theatrics sometimes her sex scenes just have no flow And no matter what your tastes in erotica that can be a real headache for the reader