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  • An Act of Love
  • Marion Ekholm
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  • 22 January 2019
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characters An Act of Love An Act of Love review Ó 104 Last old maid in the bunch to endure her youngest sister's wedding Armed with a phony ring and a plausible story about a fiance loosely based on her overly friendly cowboy turned actor neighbor Brant Westfield. Just by reading the title An Act of Love you can get the author s double meaning I really liked the premise Marley is tired of having her family harp on her about getting married and doesn t want to attend her youngest sister s wedding in Pennsylvania unattached She fabricates a fianc but uses the name and picture her real next door neighbor Brant in Phoenix to provide the details Once Brant gets wind of her scheme her really gets into the act I loved Brant s character but found Marley to be a bit over reactive and wishy washy Overall it wasn t a bad romance

characters An Act of Love

An Act of Love

characters An Act of Love An Act of Love review Ó 104 She's not getting married She's only engagedMarley Roman should have already known that romantic plots hatched with her best friend Dede were doomed But a fake engagement seemed like the only way for her as the. If you ve been looking for a story that keeps you giggling as you read here s one The author s presentation continued to tickle my funny bone as I read and got to know Marley Roman oldest of five daughters and the only one not yet married Even her divorced mother intends to retie the knot to the husband who walked out on her years earlier Then their Brant Westfield Marley s next door neighbor in their condo building and actor cowboyNot thrilled to have to participate in yet another sister s wedding Marley takes her best friend s advice and decides that a fake engagement is the thing to do Against her better judgment she enlists the help of Brant who s been eager to get to know her anyway When the ring she pays for at a local pawn shop is accidentally exchanged for a 5000 one Brant shows up to retrieve the expensive ring and what follows resembles a comedy of errors piling on one after the other each pushing and pulling Marley first toward Brant and then toward her ex boyfriend who regrets having lost her before and wants to make ahem amendsGiggles throughout even to the ending that points to an elopement in Las Vegas

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characters An Act of Love An Act of Love review Ó 104 She was ready to face and fool her family But between her ex boyfriend Richard's unexpected role in the wedding party and Brant's sudden arrival to join the fun the holes in her plan were growingand multiplyin. Marley Roman s the family peacemaker and surrogate mother to her 5 sisters When she returns home for her youngest sister s wedding she pretends to have a fiance to avoid their uestioning Except the fiance shows up for real and he wants to make the engagement for real There are lots of funny scenes but the romance growing between the two of them is very sweet I hope to see from this author