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Two Wings to Veil My Face review ¼ 3 review Two Wings to Veil My Face Leon Forrest author of the powerfully praised novels There Is a Tree More Ancient Than Eden and The Bloodworth Orphans now gives us perhaps his finest achievement a work of fiction about a strong black woman Sweetie Reed domineering and hellbent on survival and about the perils of her hubris pride she needs to overcome painful memories with dignitIn Tw. Because my beloved Sweetie Witherspoon I want you to show the blood in the water and the grieving water in the blood the affliction and the bruised blood contour the meaning of the condition service cup the service pan the floundering and especially the forgetting amid the forging preserved in your remembering heart as an echo throbbing tributary and now unlocking it all and letting it flow as the flood time of the River prepares itself Roused spilled out words ringing in congregational harmony clawing themselves open bloodied worth for their fury and their pain rooted yes planted yes but fast moving developing musically toward a rhetorical climax that is felt rather than understood The past is bone broken irregularly syncopated stuttering fractured perpetually present It is in the moments outside of control the convulsions the sudden standing the forced thigh the pew pressing the praising and the calling out that each tale receives its thrice earned blessing A Love Supreme Volunteered Slavery in case you don t know The Black Saint and the Sinner LadyBody and SoulHere is a strange and bitter crop Yes Riff wracked poly tonal side slipping Jazz and Sermon Sermon and Jazz Mothers and Fathers wives and husbands children family The whole white owned world blown black through horn and pen The text as sound re triggered by the eye a living voice recorded rendered immortal And what a voice Over written orotund aureate bombastic declamatory flowery grandilouent histrionic euphuistic overblown magnilouent Synonyms are not identical in meaning nor in sound How we chose to voice a chord determines us do we add 9ths 11ths 13ths Upper voicings stacking fourths displace the octave leave root notes to be mere suggestions Compound words hyphenated harmonic Cult you oral Here it ageRe invention The self spun spinner of self A language performed from necessity from need The Preacher preaches bridges the gap between audience and God teaches rhetoric rhythm rhyme and rap Provides a semblance of unity a semblance of song A resistance A rebirthing Baptized into The Word Cities play upon our souls like broken drumsRedrum the essence of creation from city slumsBut city slums mute our drums and our drums become humdrum Cuz city slums have never been where our drums are fromJust the place where our daughters and sons becomeOffbeat heartbeats slaves to city streetsAnd hearts get broken and heartbeats stopBroken heartbeats become breakbeatsFor niggas to rhyme on top of httpsyoutubeFgFpYKhP nAAnd as an addendum and for fun than anything else Sing itBring it back to your laboratoryWhile he s in his oratory Glory It s like a horror storyThe mask is like JasonThey told the place not to let the basket type case inhttpsyoutubeSAUR5wPM3o

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Two Wings to Veil My Face

Two Wings to Veil My Face review ¼ 3 review Two Wings to Veil My Face O Wings to Veil My Face a tale of horror wonder woe grudge holding ninety one year old Sweetie Reed recounts her passage from slavery to freedom to her vain twenty one year old grandson Nathaniel Witherspoon Throughout her life she has had to cope with psychological devastation caused by two relationships one with her philandering husband Jericho Withe. Masterful

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Two Wings to Veil My Face review ¼ 3 review Two Wings to Veil My Face Rspoon a noted judge who had purchased her from her grandfather; and the other one with her father who had spurned her as a childForced to confront herself in the darkness of her final years and increasingly dependent on her grandson Sweetie Reed faces the choice of abandoning her self righteousness or else perishing both spiritually and intellectually. In the boy s imagination all of this was tied up with the beginning time on both sides of his family like two wings of a strange angel struggling to rise Phew The opening chapters of this book are up there with the best passages from the first two books of the trilogy They are based on two moments in Nathaniel Witherspoon s young life when he was seven and his grandfather has passed away and his grandmother Sweetie Reed refuses to go the funeral at this time she tells Nathaniel she ll explain it to him when he came of age the other moment is 14 years later Nathaniel is now of age and with trepidation he is visiting Sweetie to hear her story Both moments intertwine during these opening chapters and I could really just uote every sentence from them because they re all so damn good Forrest has moved away from some of the experimental of his prose techniues in this book on that in a moment but his language remains poetic focused and lovely at all times If anything he s improved as a writer in this third volume Grandfather Witherspoon s six foot six and a half inch form had carried 250 pounds before the boy s knowledge of the grand old gentleman s weighty presence in the world before words existed for the boy but this was passed down through retelling Awesome words spoke of the many dimensions of the outer man as the conversation drifted into the stature of the inner man but in the last months his head bowed and back stooped in the autumn and then taken to the University Hospital in October his speech slurred and the weight scalded down to less than one hundred pounds ninety nine ninety eight ninety seven the way a snow melts away the boy wept He threw away the magazine advertisement that boasted of making a man of you if you weighed only ninety seven pounds That was for the foolish older guys he thought I don t need to become Mr Atlas he was my Atlas when I sat upon his shoulders I was upon an axis Besides hadn t he heard from his own father s lips the words of the Bard Golden lads and girls all must as chimney sweepers come to dust The brain itself he had heard weighed less than the body of most infants no than three pounds But there were brains and then there were brains Most people don t use 75 percent of the light of the body which is the brain and the golden radiance of the soul his father said This made the boy think the brains of most people are dusty long before their death and that s what being dimwitted must mean But did you go on living after the wheels in your brain stopped clicking Or when your heart stopped beating Grandfather Witherspoon s brain had gone to sleep like so many furious bees and brilliant butterflies suddenly gassed in a net yet his heart went on beating for a long time after that sleeping away of the brain Now even where Forrest s writing had improved I found the initial sections directly narrated by Sweetie to be stylisticallypoetically weaker than all the other sections This is mostly due to their fairly straightforward nature by anchoring the narrative to Sweetie the poetry of the prose is restrained That said the sections themselves are still incredible in large part due to the complexity and nuance of the sociological ideas behind the narrative exploring the transition form slavery to freedom and the deft manner in which Forrest navigates the labyrinthine social structure of the south in the waning years of slavery and its aftermath It is affecting arresting and illuminatingThose sections really only take up a third of the book or so there is one section later in the book but it finds Forrest in full poetic form the majority of the rest of the book is either taken up with JW s funeral and long eulogies giving way to visions and dreams and dreams within dreams or the present ie when Nathaniel is 21 These present day sections continue to center around Nathaniel s trepidation and desire around the uncovering of his family history to unveil that which is veiled fearful and anxious for the masks of the past to be removed Great Momma Sweetie I know that June 5 is not your juneteenth but since you ve spelled out everything to me in order that I might get some order over my disorder In order son that I might get some peace of mind and that s very different from peace of soul church folks haven t understood that part of the good news yet They still can t deal with Nicodemus who was about as close to us as anything in the New Testament I can think of in our modern day finery Yet they allow for his presence at the tomb I feel that I m somewhere between Nicodemus and Hamlet Fred Douglass and Lincoln a rock and a hard place and Joe Williams singing Every Day I Have the Blues all the time Great Momma Sweetie That day June 5 Nathaniel is a burden still fierce for me to center down upon Great Momma Sweetie it s not for the story alone that I need to fill out that date and what it meant to get the story right But to get right what is missing from you and me Between us too For myself and my own troubled mind within I came upon those dates in your Bible long ago And now I want to know what is hidden from me and what you have hidden maybe from yourself as unspeakable in the long ago especially when you confessed everything else I will say little else but this Those last 45 pages No than that those closing few pages You dear reader are in for a treat Forrest is masterful and in those closing pages he is in full command of that mastery EphemeraA couple of uick ending notes about the title of the book that I came across and liked The book is based on an old gospel song uoted in the book Hurry Angel hurry Hurry down to the poolI want you to trouble the waters this morningTo bathe my weary soulAngel got two wings to hide me awayTwo wings to fly me awayI would not be a hypocriteI tell you the reason why Cause death might overtake meAnd I wouldn t be ready to dieAngel got two wings to veil my faceAngel got two wings to fly me away here s a performance of the song it s slightly different than the one Forrest is uoting but you get the idea and I can t find a performance of his source text Which is itself based on a scripture Isiah 62 Above him were seraphim each with six wings With two wings they covered their faces with two they covered their feet and with two they were flying Here s an excerpt of a conversation with Leon Forrest about the titles of his books Two Wings to Veil My Face I forget now what was the original title I think one was To Trouble the Waters This Morning Toni Morrison didn t care for it that much and I didn t either She said you keep using this song in there Angels got two wings to hide my face Angels got two wings to fly me away She suggested Two Wings to Hide My Face one of the refrains from this song I changed it and took the other one Two Wings to Veil My Face because the veil seemed to be much poetic much elusive much suggestive of mask wearing and so on End Ephemera

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