[PDF/EPUB] Heat Trap The Plumber's Mate #3 By J.L. Merrow

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  • Heat Trap The Plumber's Mate #3
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  • 23 January 2019
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Heat Trap The Plumber's Mate #3

Characters Heat Trap The Plumber's Mate #3 Download ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF » J.L. Merrow J.L. Merrow » 8 Characters Oblems come crawling out of the woodworkMarianne a young barmaid at the Devil’s Dyke pub has an ex who won’t accept things are over between them Grant Carey is ruthless in dealing with anyone who gets between him and Marianne including an old friend of Tom and Phil Their eagerness to step in and help only makes them targets of Grant’s wrath themselvesWith Tom’s uncertainty ab. What a great continuation of the story Loved it from first to last page Although the ending was rather abrupt and I have to say I need Even if I have to wait another year please let there be book 4

Download ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF » J.L. Merrow

Characters Heat Trap The Plumber's Mate #3 Download ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF » J.L. Merrow J.L. Merrow » 8 Characters Out Phil’s motives Tom’s family doing their best to drive a wedge between them and the revelation of an ugly incident in Phil’s past suddenly Tom’s not sure whom he can trustThe body in the Dyke’s cellar isn’t the only thing that stinks Warning Contains British slang a very un British heat wave and a plumber with a psychic gift who may not be as British as he thinks he is. 45This is a favourite series of mine For me that really stems from my love of Tom s voice He s irreverent charming snarky and sassy Being in his head is always a joy because he s a character that I love but as much as love things being from his POV that s also where I run into issues because I feel that it could do with a bit of balance from other characters thoughts and motivations That doesn t make me love this story any less it just makes me wish for This being book 3 in a series should be read in that order to really appreciate the characters and their journey I can t really recommend this series enough it s just so fun and sexy Speaking of sex it s all off page and innuendo which for me works so well The love story between Tom and Phil goes through a bit of rough patch here I m gushing a lot in this review but I can t help it I love them Things work out so well but it was touch and go for a whileOther things that I loved here Gary Gary is an awesome friend to Tom and I m so glad that we got to see his happy ending with Darren and their wedding They re both awesome characters and I enjoy seeing Darren and Phil become good friends Phil needs friends My big concern here was the wasted potential of Grant Carey Who is Grant Carey really Psycho Misunderstood What really happened Did it really pan out that out way It almost felt like the story could have gone one direction that veered off to the easy way out with the killer that was revealed What really happened to Tom that night I have many uestions and while some of them were answered I was left with an uneasy feeling Maybe these will be addressed in a later book Moar books pleaseI m so invested in these characters and their lives and I need to know what happens next for Tom and Phil and the crew A great book with characters that I love to revisit every time I open the pages Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

Characters Heat Trap The Plumber's Mate #3

Characters Heat Trap The Plumber's Mate #3 Download ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF » J.L. Merrow J.L. Merrow » 8 Characters The wrong secret could flush their love down the drainIt’s been six months since plumber Tom Paretski was hit with a shocking revelation about his family His lover PI Phil Morrison is pushing this as an ideal opportunity for Tom to try to develop his psychic talent for finding things Tom would prefer to avoid the subject altogether but just as he decides to bite the bullet worse pr. 4 StarsThere is trouble afoot down at Tom Paretski s favourite pub with the young barmaid Marianne struggling to deal with a manipulative and potentially dangerous ex boyfriend who has set his sights on causing trouble not only for Marianne but for all the people in her life who are standing in his way which just so happens to now include Tom and his PI boyfriend Phil Tom and Phil are now firmly playing the roles of protectors and saviors to those around them who are in need but their personal health and happiness is threatened when Tom is mysteriously assaulted and lands himself in hospital with a head injury Things further escalate with a new dead body to investigate and before long Tom and Phil s relationship starts to show signs of strain under the pressure of this new intense situation It doesn t help that Tom s still struggling with the emotional upheaval of a recent and life changing family revelation and to say he s not dealing with it well would be an understatement But thankfully with the support of his closest friends Tom is able to find some perspective on his own relationships including working out where he stands with broody but loyal Phil all while throwing himself head first into the fray to help bring a stop to whoever is causing the harassment and harm to those around himThis was probably my least favourite of the series in terms of the mystery and its conclusion but I did like the strides made in Tom s many complex relationships Although I think very little of Tom s family as a whole I liked the reveals that slowly came to light over the course of the story I also still greatly appreciate the complexities of Tom s relationship with Phil Things are never easy between these two but although they experience their highs and lows often frustrating the hell out of me with the very male way they deal with their feelings I find their relationship to be genuine and convincing than many I read in the MM romance genre They aren t perfect and they don t express themselves properly very often at all which just makes it special in those few simple moments when they do show their love Tom has very effortlessly become an MM book character I love to read about and I look forward to continuing his story of mystery romance and family drama as I work my way through this long running series