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characters ´ Jousting with the Devil è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free GK Chesterton believed in the Devil before he believed in GodJousting with the Devil Chesterton’s Battle with the Father of Lies explores GK Chesterton’s encounter with the reality. There s not that much here for anyone who isn t already sold on Chesterton but it is an interesting diversion into his influences

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characters ´ Jousting with the Devil è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Whatever his subject matter when Chesterton writes about the Devil he knows what he is talking about for than intuitive reasons because his wisdom is supplemented by personal experien. I expected a book analytical and with a broader scope of Chesterton s work Instead Wild focused on detailed descriptions of several of Chesterton s novels with liberal space filling uotes from said books He also spends a significant amount of book space discussing Vladimir Soloviov s THE STORY OF THE ANTI CHRIST and Robert H Benson s THE LORD OF THE WORLD with Wild s conclusion that no one understands the latter book at least not it s end For all of JWTD s flaws I did highlight a lot of material but I came away from the book with a sense of disappointment that I did not further my understanding of Chesterton or his personal battle with the devil

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characters ´ Jousting with the Devil è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free That is Satan Whether or not you are familiar with Chesterton you will be surprised at how familiar Chesterton is with this subject Though he seems to have an intuitive sense of truth. Robert Wild has authored another book that compliments his book about Chesterton called The Tumbler of God in which he presented the case for Chesterton being a true mystic His new book Jousting With the Devil presents a side of Chesterton that some people have said was lacking in Chesterton a true understanding of the nature and source of evil in the world Robert Wild clearly demonstrates from Chesterton s writings and the writings of others on Chesterton that Chesterton did indeed struggle with the reality of evil in the world and he argues this was one of the reasons Chesterton could live a life that was so incredibly joyous and appreciative of the goodness of God and His works Wild states that because Chesterton understood the depth and depravity of evil he could compare it up against the pure goodness of God and find the radiant joy that so personified his life