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Free read Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ David Sedaris David Sedaris ´ 0 Summary Theft by Finding Diaries 1977 2002 Free download ✓ 100 A sharp eye and ear for the bizarre the beautiful and the uncomfortable and with a generosity of spirit that even a misanthropic sense of humor can't fully disguise Theft By Finding proves that Sedaris is one of our great modern observers It's a potent reminder that when you're as perceptive and curious as Sedaris there's no such thing as a boring d. David Sedaris is so authentically David Sedaris This first collection of his diaries reveal him as everything you d expect and want him to be and reading it only made me love him The feeling of being in the backseat or perched on the handlebars of his bike perhaps as he struggles through his early years is both incredibly reassuring and of course hilarious There is so much fantastic observational humor in this Sedaris spends loads of time just sitting in various IHOPs and writing down what people say and do His eye ear for detail is superb And his own wonderful personality shines through at every turnMost mind blowing moment which I am spoiler tagging only because I got so much pleasure out of being surprised by it not because I actually think you can spoil historyreality view spoilerSedaris as he himself points out in the introduction very casually mentions the first time he meets his long time partnerlove of his life Hugh noting that he s handsome and gay but really being focused on the 20 he s making helping another friend move a ladder Of course Then just TWO DAYS LATER he applies for the Macy s elf gig that the time traveling reader knows would soon truly launch his career with The Santaland Diaries Holy cow Everything about this guy s life changed for the better over the course of three days in October 1990 and at the time he had no idea This gives me a lot of feelings that I can t adeuately describe but which there is probably some German word for hide spoiler

Free read Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ David SedarisTheft by Finding Diaries 1977 2002

Free read Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ David Sedaris David Sedaris ´ 0 Summary Theft by Finding Diaries 1977 2002 Free download ✓ 100 David Sedaris tells all in a book that is literally a lifetime in the makingFor forty years David Sedaris has kept a diary in which he records everything that captures his attention overheard comments salacious gossip soap opera plot twists secrets confided by total strangers These observations are the source code for his finest work and through the. Find all of my reviews at I even begin this ramble I feel a disclaimer should probably be provided regarding these 4 Stars If you have not yet had the privilege of experiencing David Sedaris essays you most definitely should not begin with Theft By Finding Pick up any one of his other collections and read that first Then repeat Repeat again until you reach superfan status and you ve started fantasizing about how delightful it would be to wear him around like a skinsuit as a beck and call boy for your constant amusement That s totally normal right Right When you reach that point of fandom you re ready for this Theft By Finding Diaries 1977 2002 is exactly what the title states various diary entries that span several decades Sedaris himself said this book should be read in snippets If you are of the ilk this would be a perfect selection to have readily available whilst sitting on the throne Since my gastrointestinal system is of the all or nothing variety TMI Naaaaaah and I wouldn t dream of defiling my lobster s work in that manner I can t confirm or deny if this is the way to go I can however confirm that the early years are a rough read as you follow Sedaris from his 20s in Raleigh where he than dabbled in methamphetamines and underemployment as a starving artist while consuming daily feasts at the local IHOP You LITERALLY read the phone book as well as random recipes and lists of what he got for Christmas and various other nonsense like what happened that day on As the World Turns or the off color joke a co worker told him that dayIf you can get through the first 20% or so it becomes smoother sailing David puts down the meth pipe and details his initial successes as a playwright in New York City all the way to becoming a best selling author and residing in Paris He lets you in on his family history including his mother s death and his sister s battle with mental illness and includes some truly poignant entries Last night under the stars in a pasture in our sleeping bags I poured my guts out and said things I was afraid to admit even to myself And you know it felt good and not as hopeless as I thought All that had been inside for so long While I could have lived without the never ending submissions regarding his various French classes unforgettable moments in history are documented within its bindings There is a new cancer that strikes only homosexual men I heard about it on the radio tonight Hugh and I awoke to the news that Princess Diana has been killed literally hounded to death by photographers Last night on TV I watched people jump from the windows of the World Trade Center As well as monumental moments in his personal history This spring I am if I m not mistaken in love Most importantly around the 25% mark Amy moves to the same town and made my life complete when her various antics began being included Amy and I went to Hoffritz to find Dad a Father s Day gift Our original idea was to buy him a knife but in the end we spent 72 on a vibrator It s a Panasonic with a long stem and a thickish disk on top designed so you can reach behind yourself and work out the kinks in your back and shoulders We also figured he ll use it on his dog Our father s going to love this Amy said to the saleswoman as we laid the vibrator on the counter The woman smiled The next time we see him though I bet his front teeth are all chipped The smile faded Amy is the kind of asshole I dream of becoming one day Hysterical with absolutely no filter David and I both tend to be of the George Constanza variety when not in writing There was little to no doubt in my mind when I reuested an advanced copy that I would be denied so I immediately put myself on pre hold at the library well before the release date Words cannot express how happy I am now that I did not read this early since it allows me to uote the story that caused uite the embarrassing moment at work Lisa told me that the previous day she d accidentally put a used Kotex through the wash It went through the dryer as well and when it came out Bob held it up saying These aren t supposed to be laundered on their own are they Lisa said she guessed not and Bob asked why she d washed just one of them I looked for the other and couldn t find it anywhere The other Lisa said Shoulder pad Bob said Isn t that what we ve been talking about He handed here the fluffy clean Kotex still warm and she put it in her dresser drawer until he left the room I read that during lunch yesterday and while I was trying to muffle my laughter my supervisor confused the noise for hysterical sobbing At that point there was no way I was going to be able get myself back under control and well Due a combination of Sedaris epic rise in fame here in flyover country along with my crippling phobia of strangers in crowds I most likely will never be brave enough to attend one of his readings and officially declare us besties for the resties But we ll always have our mutual love of America s best television program as an unbreakable bond And he won t have to bother getting one of those pesky restraining orders against me Winner winner chicken dinner You ll always be my lobster though David Always

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Free read Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ David Sedaris David Sedaris ´ 0 Summary Theft by Finding Diaries 1977 2002 Free download ✓ 100 M he has honed his cunning surprising sentencesNow Sedaris shares his private writings with the world Theft by Finding the first of two volumes is the story of how a drug abusing dropout with a weakness for the International House of Pancakes and a chronic inability to hold down a real job became one of the funniest people on the planetWritten with. David Sedaris explains in the Introduction of his new book that in the UK if you discover something of value and keep it that s theft by finding Thus a great title was born and it suits the general theme of David s diaries But I have a suggestion for two alternative titles for this collection one borrowed from Garth Brooks Friends in Low Places and the other stolen from William Shakespeare The Comedy of ErrorsBefore I proceed I want to clarify I am a Sedaris lover not a hater I love the guy s writing I ve read all but one of his books of published essaysBut I feel compelled to say this If you are not an established reader of Sedaris s work I would not recommend that you start here Go read When You Are Engulfed in Flames or Dress Your Family in Corduroy and DenimStart where Sedaris writes with some polish and some humor not with the origins of his writing the bare bones if you will These are stark observations and they may or may not appealIt s not that this book isn t often hilariously funny it is It s not that this book isn t sometimes poignant surprisingly it s that too It s just that if you don t know David s writing I m not sure you re going to make it past page 75Frankly David s diary entries from the late 1970searly 1980s are fairly disgusting He was a hard core substance abuser at the time and I found it depressing to read about someone so desperate down on his hands and knees snorting an unknown white powder he has found in the hopes that it is cocaine or sniffing bags of glue and tempera paint because he has run out of money for better drugs Also he shares many anus focused ruminations I don t know how else to say this politely and these entries contain almost ridiculous amounts of the n word the p word and the c word I don t mean to suggest that David himself is using these words both racism and misogyny disgust him he is just surrounded by the absolute dregs of humanity in scenario after scenario and these losers love these words and David reports themFor me the highlight was the center of the book the mid 80s through the mid 90s when David starts to get his act together meets the love of his life and stops living on the total fringe of decent society This is where the diary entries are laugh out loud funny and I was actually taking pictures of passages and sending them to my sister who is a Sedaris fan who has not yet received her copy Ironically once his life becomes really stable his regular observations became somewhat boring and my feverish reading slowed though he did take me to a tender place regarding the premature loss of his mother That aspect of his writing has always been relatable to meFor established Sedaris fans this is a mostly fun read despite the degrading and loathsome accounts of humanity it reveals but personally I m holding out for new material Come on David let s hear about life in the UK Crawl under an overpass if you need to but give us something new

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