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Unchained Melanie

CHARACTERS ´ Unchained Melanie Melanie finds herself single again after years of being one half of a couple Her friends pre. Unchained Melanie by Judy Astley Published in 2002 by Black Swan this book is not my taste The characters are confusing so is the writing I read 40 pages and that was my limit I couldn t dare to go a page further The story is boring Even though now and then I enjoy funny light hearted novels this one was putting me off Just when I was googling the writer I found out that I had read this writer before Laying the ghost and now when I think back I remember clearly that had disappointed me and I had to put the book back to the shelf by page 50 I wouldn t recommend it

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CHARACTERS ´ Unchained Melanie Do her own thing she plans a program of behaving badly after a lifetime of behaving properl. Meh

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CHARACTERS ´ Unchained Melanie Dict loneliness frustration and disaster But Melanie is overwhelmingly excited to be able to. It was a good fun and light read I enjoyed it I got invested in it as I got to the second half as the progress was really slow Also I didn t get why Melanie s car was stolen and then returned unharmed It was unnecessary if it didn t tie up in the end Otherwise the end was good

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  • Unchained Melanie
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  • 09 January 2019
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