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Tokyo Kill

Barry Lancet ✓ 7 read characters Tokyo Kill 107 S PI firm But out of respect for the old soldier Brodie agrees to provide a security detail thinking it’ll be an easy job and end when the man comes to his sensesInstead an unexpected brutal murder rocks Brodie and his crew sending them deep into the realm of the Triads Chinese spies kendo warriors and an elusive group of killers whose treachery spans centuries and who will stop at nothing to complete their missi. I am on a hot streak lately of finding new to me suspense and thriller authors My newest find is Barry Lancet His hero lives part time in Japan and part time in the US In Japan he co owns and runs his late father s security company while in the US he owns and runs a high endart and antiue store He s still learning about security work and relies heavily on his employees who are also partnersTokyo Kill is set entirely in Japan a country and culture I know little about it It is a fascinating place judging by this book and the author s love and respect for it come through clearly He takes what is likely a touchy subject World War II and the part that both Japan and China played in it and makes it the center of the story Add in the tales of an emperor s lost treasure love romance treachery and family ties and Lancet gives us a complex layered complicated story that never lets upLancet keeps the pace rolling with neither the reader nor the hero Jim having much time for a breather Despite the fast pace Lance doesn t lose site of his characters as people The story may be action driven but there are also tender moments with Jim s daughter a potential girl friend and even his employees He has a strong sense of justice loyalty and compassion Those drive much of his actions and decisions during the story and it s a hard shock for him when he discovers that those beliefs and emotions have been used against him There are so many twists and turns and layers that sometimes I had trouble keeping up but it was worth the effort I loved that Lancet took some standard cliches and tropes such asTriads and ninjas and made them fresh He also isn t afraid to kill people off and one death in particular saddened me despite the fact that we really didn t see all that much of him while he was aliveTake a chance on Lancet you won t regret it Tokyo Kills is compelling original story telling with remarkable characters that will keep you reading until the end

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Barry Lancet ✓ 7 read characters Tokyo Kill 107 In the second thriller of this new series from “a fresh voice in crime fiction” Kirkus Reviews antiues dealer turned PI Jim Brodie matches wits with an elusive group of killers chasing a long lost treasure that has a dangerous history When an elderly World War II veteran shows up unannounced at Brodie Security begging for protection the staff thinks he’s just a paranoid old man He offers up a story connected. Jim Brodie made his initial appearance in Japantown an action packed thriller and the series debut He now returns in a novel which is no less filled with derring do and lots of exotic descriptions of Japanese culture and history Brodie inherited a half interest in Brodie Security founded by his late father and headuartered in Tokyo and also operates an art dealership which he claims is his main profession in San FranciscoIn Tokyo seeking a rare painting Brodie is approached by a 90 year old veteran of World War II asking for protection because members of his military detachment in Manchuria during the war time occupation by Japan were being murdered After he supplies a security detail events take over the course of the rest of the novel as Brodie investigates the possibility of Triads Chinese spies and others as the culprits And that takes on a life of its ownThe author has lived and worked in Japan for than a uarter century and the flavor and information about the country permeates with authenticity throughout the novel His description of various types of martial arts practiced in Japan is a further exhibit of his expertise Powerfully written Tokyo Kill is a very enjoyable read and this reader is looking forward to additions to the seriesRecommended

Barry Lancet ✓ 7 read

Barry Lancet ✓ 7 read characters Tokyo Kill 107 To the war and to Chinese Triads operating in present day Tokyo insisting that he and his few surviving army buddies are in dangerFresh off his involvement in solving San Francisco’s Japantown murders antiues dealer Jim Brodie had returned to Tokyo for some RR and to hunt down a rare ink painting by the legendary Japanese Zen master Sengai for one of his clients not to take on another case with his late father’. 55 I love this series Hardcore thriller mystery BOOK 2 The Jim Brodie series each book can be read as a standalone but the characters and subplots carry over and just get better in every book This book was even fast paced than book one Japantown I loved the history of both the Japanese and Chinese recollections of war Barry Lancet is a master storyteller that manages to tell convincing break neck speed thrillers without the use of blue language or sex I d say this book has the same pace and depth as a Dan Brown novel and that is GOODI also appreciate the authors notes sharing with the reader what parts of the history and locations are fact or fiction And also the heartfelt dedication to the forgotten WWII Japanese veterans It seems every war has this group of soldiers and it s a shame they do not have an outlet to share their stories I wish I could meet Mr Lancet just to say thank youFor sure and forever would rec this series Bring on book threeBook 1 JapantownBook 2 Tokyo KillBook 3 Pacific BurnBook 4 The Spy Across the Table

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