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Free download Twitterature Download ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF À Alexander Aciman Alexander Aciman À 8 Characters Perhaps you once asked yourself 'What exactly is Hamlet trying to tell me Why must he mince his words muse in lyricism and in short whack about the shrub' No doubt such troubling uestions would have been swiftly resolved were the Prince of Denmark a registered user on Twittercom This in essence is TwitteratureHere you will find seventy five of the greatest works of w. Opening Up the Classics16 November 2017 I ve just landed up with a pair of reading glasses namely because my Dad was pressuring me to go and get a glaucoma test and everytime I go to an optometrist they always try to flog me a pair of glasses Honestly as far as I m concerned I m not walking into walls so I don t need glasses However a little game that a lot of medical practitioners play in Australia is bill the health insurer and they will do it in such a way that I the end consumer don t have to pay anything Well since health insurers are than happy to take our money I decided to get something back especially since it was nothing out of my pocket Which means that I have this pair of glasses that honestly makes reading easier but unless I m staring at a book I simply cannot see anything otherwise and whenever I take them off my eyes have to adjust to the fact that I don t have glasses on any which is really annoying The reason I say this is because this is the first book that I read with my new and free glasses though I m not entirely sure whether this is something to mark down as a milestone because honestly I would rather not wear them even though they do make reading easier However I probably should talk about this book than about the pros and cons of reading glasses that make me literally blind unless I am staring at a book At first I was going to write this book off after reading a couple of reviews and in part they are right the turning of classic novels into two page summaries using Twitter posts and Twitter lingo does become dry after a while However when I stood back and thought about what he was doing I have to admit that it is uite clever The thing is that the book is uite short and you can probably get through it in a single reading Okay the Twitter lingo can be a little confusing if you aren t all that familiar with it and if you are already engrossed in classic literature then the book is probably going to start to wear uite thin uite uickly However after I finished the book I decided to look at it from another perspective that of somebody who really hasn t considered reading the classics Okay there have been lots of people throughout history who while being able to read have not been interested in the classics This book is designed to change this Honestly your average Twitterati is probably not going to suddenly grab War and Peace and start reading it especially if their attention span is limited to 140 characters In a way the person who only ever reads the newspaper and maybe a gossip rag is hardly going to start reading Anna Karena However there are people out there that read modern stories and simply consider classics to be boring and dull This book is designed to change at opinion Take Sherlock Holmes for instance every second line had him snorting cocaine Some have suggested that this is going way overboard especially since Holmes cocaine habit is mention only a few times However the main reason that I ended up reading Sherlock Holmes other than because of Guy Ritchie was that I discovered that he was a coke fiend and spent his spare time in brothels Suddenly this character that I had always assumed as being rather boring turned out to be a lot interesting than I anticipated As such I have now read all of the Sherlock Holmes books The other thing is that there was uite a few classic works of literature involving people having affairs and even having babies to people not their husband In a way I would never have thought of Madame Bovary as being about a woman that becomes bored with her husband and starts sleeping around not that I m all that interested in such books but there are many out there who are The same thing was the case with the Odyssey Here was I back in my early twenties who had pretty much only had a diet of fantasy novels suddenly discovering that there is this ancient story about a guy who sails around the Mediterranean fighting all sorts of monsters and even poking the eye out of a Cyclops In fact it was this discovery that sent me wanting to read and ancient literature Suddenly the Forgotten Realms books simply were not all that interesting As for Shakespeare we have a stories where at the end of the play the stage is littered with corpses and they said Lethal Weapon was violent While this book may not be for everyone it is something that if it trigger s a readers interest in maybe reading beyond the Mills and Boons then it has done its job Oh and I don t have glaucoma

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Free download Twitterature Download ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF À Alexander Aciman Alexander Aciman À 8 Characters U of the burdensome task of reading itFrom Hamlet WTF IS POLONIUS DOING BEHIND THE CURTAINFrom Dante's Inferno I'm havin a midlife crisis Lost in the woods Shoulda brought my iPhoneFrom Oedipus PARTY IN THEBES Nobody cares I killed that old dude plus this woman is all over me Total MILFFrom Paradise Lost OH MY GOD I'M IN HELL'The classics are so last century' Guardia. Twitterature is pretty fun and light hearted Don t read it if you don t like the idea of fun being poked at classic books or things like Sherlock Holmes use of cocaine to be emphasised etc The humour wears a little thin after you ve read a lot of them and it s easiest to appreciate when you ve already read the classic in uestionI think this d be fun to dip into than to actually sit down and read straight through

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Free download Twitterature Download ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF À Alexander Aciman Alexander Aciman À 8 Characters Estern literature – from Beowulf to Bronte from Kafka to Kerouac and from Dostoevsky to Dickens– each distilled through the voice of Twitter to its purest pithiest essence Including a full glossary of online acronyms and Twitterary terms to aid the amateur Twitterature provides everything you need to master the literature of the civilised world while relieving yo. I was expecting satire in the form of 140 character tweets of Twitter literature I was expecting to laugh or at least chuckle a little to myself But no What seemed to be a good idea evolved into racist sexist ableist homophobic and pretentious execution It starts with the arrogance of the introduction We prefer to think of ourselves as modern day Martin Luthers In reality the book was written by two college freshmen with a remedial understanding of the classics at best This book turned a substantial number of classics into digestible portions of 20 tweets or fewer and while marketed as satire merely came across as dude bro humor The tweets did come across however as disgustingly racist sexist and ableist with slurs such as gy gpsy and rtard Even if some of these words appear in the classics the tweets themselves are written with the type of disrespectful humor best left in 2009The main character of each classic was portrayed by the Twitter handle that they would have had had they actually tweeted their story Another seemingly good idea with poor execution Unlike the Twitter handles mentioned in the book real handles cannot have punctuation And don t even get me started on Helen Keller s braille Twitter handleIt appears from the first page that the writers confused satire with shock and awe value as the book s dedication reads thus Dedicated in Loving Memory to the Victims of the RMS Titanic As a final note I would expect a satirical book to understand the content enough to spell the names correctly A book cannot successfully satirize Harry Potter and his nemesis Voledemort A disrespectful book full of crude and ignorant humor which I am than happy to return to my local library

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