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Restless Free download ´ 4 Free download Ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ã William Boyd review Restless “I am Eva Delectorskaya” Sally Gilmartin announces and so on a warm summer afternoon in 1976 her daughter Ruth learns that everything she ever knew about her mother was a carefully constructed lie Sally Gilmartin is a respectable English widow living in picturesue Cotswold village; Eva Delectorskaya was a rigorously trained World War II spy a woman who carried fake passports and retreated to secret safe houses a woman taught to lie and deceive and above al. William Boyd goes all John John le Carr and has written a pretty good spy thriller that felt like reading a movie with it s fast paced tense narrative and moments that were utterly grippingCentral to the story is Eva Delectorskaya the daughter of a Russian family in 1930s Paris After mourning her brother s death she is approached wooed to attraction by the dapper Lucas Romer who wants her to leave her shipping company to work for his mysterious British organisation against the Nazi threat He convinces her with the revelation that her brother worked for him and died in the line of dutyTrained in espionage techniues to become a top spy in one of the most successful sections she is put work in Romer s London agency using a sophisticated network to feed false stories into the news networks in the hope of damaging enemy confidence she no doubt is playing a dangerous game risking her life for ueen and country Eventually Eva is moved to New York where Romer s team uses similar propagandist means to convince America to join Britain in the war and it s here where things turn sour when sent to New MexicoCleverly done Boyd is telling this story through the daughter of Eva Ruth who has her own story also in 1970 s Oxfordshire involving student politics and the Baader Meinhof gang When her indomitable widowed mother starts worrying her life is in danger she enlists the radical single mum Ruth to help in a potentially dangerous mission but digging around in the past is never a good idea Although a solid enough read Boyd seems a decent storyteller but it s certainly nothing new and this territory has been covered to far greater effect by other writers The easy to read page turning nature may have been welcoming to some but I was hoping for something deeper and darker which it didn t really deliver on a good satisfying ending was my high point And the fact it won a Costa novel award shows it s limitations

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Restless Free download ´ 4 Free download Ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ã William Boyd review Restless L to never trust anyoneThree decades later the secrets of Sally’s past still haunt her Someone is trying to kill her and at last she has decided to trust Ruth with her story Ruth meanwhile is struggling to make sense of her own life as a young single mother with an unfinished graduate degree and escalating dependence on alcohol She is drawn deeper and deeper into the astonishing events of her mother’s past the mysterious death of Eva’s beloved brother he. I ve just posted all the William Boyd books on my bookshelf I started reading him about five years ago Armadillo set in London and over time I occasionally bought and read others Lately after I read Brazzaville Beach I realised with surprise that I had now read all nine of his novels and that s all until he writes anotherHe creates wonderful characters in rich geographical settings and plots often told within a twentieth century historical context Africa commonly and also America other continents and the two world warsThe latest Restless 2006 typically occurs in than one dimension two time zones and two key characters and with an espionage plot that characteristically carries you emotionally without drilling crudely into your head He writes women well in the first person other examples are Brazzaville Beach set in Africa and The Blue Afternoon three continents Two of Boyd s books The New Confessions and Any Human Heart are long fictional biographies both of male characters Other books with male leads are Stars and Bars and two African books A Good Man in Africa and An Ice Cream War If you haven t read Boyd you could start with any book For a hint and the most typical try A Good Man in Africa or The Blue Afternoon You may find like me that whenever you want a reliably enjoyable read you know you can look for another Boyd until you run out of them

Free download Ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ã William Boyd

Restless Free download ´ 4 Free download Ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ã William Boyd review Restless R work in New York City manipulating the press in order to shift public sentiment toward American involvement in the war and her dangerous romantic entanglement Now Sally wants to find the man who recruited her for the secret service and she needs Ruth’s help Restless is a brilliant espionage book and a vivid portrait of the life of a female spy Full of tension and drama and based on a remarkable chapter of Anglo American history this is fiction at its fines. I read this because I enjoyed Any Human Heart so much I don t normally read tales of wartime espionage Nevertheless I enjoyed itThe story alternates between the wartime life of Eva recruited as a spy and 30 years later when she tells her adult daughter about it There are also subplots relating to the daughter s life though I think the book would have been better without them Eva s story is exciting enough without trying to draw weak parallels a generation later I found it a compelling readI opens with a vivid description of bucolic 1970s England which contrasts with later wartime scenes A major tactic was planting misinformation in minor publications and hoping the bigger ones would pick it up gaining authenticity with each republication rather as happens with urban legends on the internet todayThe fear complexity and psychological aspects of living a duplicitous life are captured authentically or so it seemed to me you look at the world differently never relax and never trust anyone However the voice of the 5 year old grandson was not at all authentic with a few exceptions near the endOverall a fascinating and enjoyable read albeit imperfectMiscellaneous uotes A dilapidated house giving up its parched ghost to entropy Massive black green yews that seemed to drink the light of day Scotland There lingered in the landscape a memory of many winters hardship I felt like a house shaken by some nearby explosion tiles had fallen there was a thick cloud of dust windows had blown in Intelligence wasn t neutral if it was believed or even half believed then everything began subtly to change as a result the ripple effect could have conseuences no one could foresee Sometimes it amazed Eva how fluently and spontaneously she could lie Think everyone is lying to you all the time Romer said it s probably the safest way to proceeed The guileless child was already beginning to develop the opacities of the growing boy where veils of ignorance and unknown exist even between the people you were closest to

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