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  • Settlers The Mythology of the White Proletariat
  • J. Sakai
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  • 20 June 2017
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J. Sakai ã 0 SUMMARY FREE DOWNLOAD õ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ã J. Sakai SUMMARY Settlers The Mythology of the White Proletariat 100 Book presents US history from a working class revolutionary and non white perspective. To echo the words of Kersplebedeb the book is groundbreaking Magnificently simple and yet so earth shattering for anyone raised on a heavy diet of bourgeois historicism Truly rewriting the history of settler colonialism in a way which highlights the utter ugliness of it all

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J. Sakai ã 0 SUMMARY FREE DOWNLOAD õ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ã J. Sakai SUMMARY Settlers The Mythology of the White Proletariat 100 The authoritative attack on the idea that the American working class is primarily whi. Let me start by saying that the main thing on my mind while reading Settlers was the following uestions Why have I never seen this book or most of the information included in it referenced by any self described leftist academics Why have I instead heard mostly the same flawed incomplete and misleading interpretations of American history that Sakai discredits From the first pages of Settlers I got a hint of why It s not because Sakai isn t accurate most of the time but instead because the style of writing takes the exact tone that evokes hostility from leftists who at core believe white supremacy is only for broke white Republicans and from lukewarm liberals who prefer multiculturalist reform strategies that involve assimilation as am answer for racial minorities I am skeptical that the people who are most damned by this piece can fall out of love with whiteness long enough to actually see any of Sakai s points all points that must be addressed if you are proposing radicalism or revolutionary idea that is afraid of alienating white identified people Overall this book kept me repeatedly shocked because on nearly every page there was a new detail that I never heard in a classroom discussion of the very same time periods and events in history For example at one point I was somewhat annoyed at the fact that I was reading new details that were not addressed in Ira Katznelson s When Affirmative Action Was White Specifically Katznelson presented the time period as if it was merely an unplanned unintentional result that Black veterans were left out of New Deal benefits yet Sakai provides details suggesting that it was NOT coincidence but instead part of a very large pattern in which the government administration was nakedly and blatantly pursuing imperialist goals enacting violence on anyone who got in the way Similarly I ve repeatedly heard of various rebellions being touted by leftists as evidence of white Black unity in anti capitalist action but Sakai also offers some pretty unignorable details that raise uestions about the intentions of people circulating these misleading narratives My biggest take away from this book is that people are sorely mistaken and severely misinformed if they think anti capitalist action in the West can stand alone rather than being guided first and foremost by an internationalist strategy that struggles against imperialist capitalism Excellent and necessary read especially if you re for some reason buying the idea that unity or some other empty concept will solve problems that are the direct conseuence of the colonialist and imperialist origins of the seat of the Empire

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J. Sakai ã 0 SUMMARY FREE DOWNLOAD õ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ã J. Sakai SUMMARY Settlers The Mythology of the White Proletariat 100 Te with Black Asian and Indian labour being little than special interest groups This. Completely upends the myths of racism as some sort of unfortunate transistory phenomenon the situation of whites as comparable to other groups and the idea that radical movements are some sort of white only thing It has problems that are inevitable for a pretty short book many areas being somewhat rushed through but it still manages to be pretty comprehensive of what it does cover and to clearly and forcefully show the truth of what it argues Absolutely essential and it s fucked up but unsurprising how little of what s discussed here is considered by the radical left and how little follow up there s been on the points raised which are essential to challenging the reality of the imperialist capitalist system