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  • Stanley and the Women
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  • 07 June 2018
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Stanley and the Women

Summary ✓ Stanley and the Women ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Omen neurotic half baked critical or just plain capricious and he begins to wond. This book made me so angry I ripped it up directly after finishing it It s the worst piece of misogynistic garbage I have ever read and nothing can induce me to read another book by Kingsley Amis I didn t believe then in not finishing a book no matter how much it disgusted me but now I have decided life is too short and there are too many good worthy books out there to read

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Summary ✓ Stanley and the Women ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB As if it weren’t terrible enough Stanley finds himself beset on all sides by w. This is an impeccable novelSome would believe that getting intensely angry at the perceived slight to one s gender s honor due to the female protagonists in the book being portrayed as neurotic and selfish is behavior that only helps prove that all women ever are kind rational and mentally balanced and that it is therefore the duty of all novelists to portray their female characters in this way and if they don t they have failed as novelists and human beingsPerhaps an analogy would helpWhen a Chinese or a Russian audience watches a James Bond film where the Chinese or the Russians are the baddies suppose Group A of the viewers judge the film on the basis of its cinematic ualities and its ability to entertain while the Group B folks reject it outright on the grounds that it is anti Russian or anti Chinese while the articulate of them even start lecturing earnestly everyone within earshot that not all Chinese or Russians plot to overthrow the west this is a very narrow view and perhaps even give a knowing sneer and say wryly something like Oh dear looks like the film director has never met a normal Chinese person and has become bitter about itand such Which group would you say is made up of reasonable viewers and which group of sad sacksRightWhen one is ten years old it s OK to judge books as good or bad because one likes or dislikes the characters When one is fifteen it s OK to judge books as good or bad because one agrees or disagrees with the views of the main character or the author himself should he make an appearance as straight omniscient POV which is a topic connected to the heart breaking subspecies of readers that are unable to make the distinction between the alleged views of the author and those of hisher characters but that s a separate and morbid discussionOnce one is an adult judging books thusly is a symptom and a diagnosisThe same way for example some victims of cerebral insufficiency can t read Death in Venice without flying into a rage due to perceived either vilification of homosexuality or promotion of pedophilia and similar tabloidonline forum mentality drivelNo A book of fiction is judged by the uality of the prose the characters and the structure By the amount of time it took to finish by whether you reread it again or not by whether you would recommend it to someone else by whether it made you rethink parts of your life or perhaps helped you not think and instead relax really well and such The other approach of the how dare you say all Chinese people plot to overthrow the west type isembarrassing tantrums of minds trapped in vicious loops of emotional agony which colors everything inside and outside them If pressed to the logical conclusions of their thoughts the erudite of this crowd who do admit that they can not reasonably expect that every type of person is presented positively in popular entertainment arrive upon a compulsive obsessive formula of fairness where in a film or a book for every ignorant thug Italian there must be also a kindly and cultivated Italian to balance him out for every shrill and scheming woman there must be a reasonable and straightforward one for every broken down alcoholic loser homosexual there must be a fit and sober CEO homosexual and aside from this also every conceivable stereotype must be foiled and subverted and thus every character should or less do the opposite of what the biases of the readers and the audience expects them to otherwise the book or film promotes fascism and ignoranceThe moral principles behind this silliness are noble indeed but are not really served very well by itThis book like all Kingsley Amis books following the almost brilliant Lucky Jim The Alternation and Colonel Sun excluded from the list as sideline experiments is impeccable Scott Fitzgerald wrote one A level The Great Gatsby but Kingsley Amis has managed to write a score of English B level Gatsbys which is a titanic achievement and an enormous contribution to the English literary languageAnd keeping in mind that in spite of all the toil that went into feminist theory since the 1960 s with some terrific thinkers there all that s filtered down to the pleb is the vague idea that female characters should behave either like boys with breasts or like wise semi goddesses and preferably have all sorts of phallic boots and swords on them for good measure ie the same decrepit idea of an Egyptian empress wearing a fake beard in order to be as good as a man but applied to all of pop culture the epistemological basis which the whole misogynistic bookauthor kerfuffle stands on graduates from dubious to ludicrousStanley and the Women is a book about a vaguely decent but also intensely selfish man with many character flaws and psychological blind spots surrounded by a supporting cast of other intensely selfish men with many character flaws and psychological blind spots and many intensely selfish womenwith many character flaws and psychological blind spots with the men periodically discussing with each other that the women are barking mad or even sinisterly are not barking mad but that their behavior is their type of sanity And the book works out perfectly Kingsley Amis is the greatest writer of the last wave of modernists much subtler than Tom Wolfe for example displaying an infinitely higher mastery as a weaver of nuancesIf you want to sample gorgeous nuances in popular post WWII literature you turn to John le Carre to Ross Macdonald to Ramsey Campbell to Peter Straub and last but not least indeed foremost to Kingsley Amis

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Summary ✓ Stanley and the Women ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Er whether insanity is not something with which all women are intimately acuaint. This is Amis s view of how a man from South London lives inthe 80 s London emphasizing his relationships with variouswomen his current wife his ex wife a doctor in charge oftreating his son for madness etc Since Amis was himself fromSouth London one may wonder if this is auto biographicalIn any event Amis is writing about a world he knew well and writing very well indeed None of the women is perfectbut the same can be said of the men The story does notresolve all of the complications of the plot Actuallythe narration ends at some point and the reader can onlyguess how these characters will continue to get on in lifeMaybe Amis wrote a seuel Even if not it is a good storythough those who want everything wrapped up by the lastpage should look elsewhere