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  • The Dust Feast Hollow Folk #3
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  • 12 October 2017
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The Dust Feast Hollow Folk #3

review The Dust Feast Hollow Folk #3 Download Ò E-book, or Kindle E-pub à Gregory Ashe Gregory Ashe à 9 Read To the other psychic abilities in his town When the murderers turn their attention to Vie though he discovers that his powers might not be up to the task He faces ghosts ancient monsters and even an evil substitute teacher but unless he can confront his past and the trauma that lies there he might not manage to save the people he cares about He might not even survive himself. yeah ok this series has totally consumed me for the past three days the last time this happened was with Foxhole CourtI said in my first review that this reminded me of FC and it still does it is in the characters and their growth it is in the not skirting the dark and real problems the MC is facing it is in the difficult development of relationships that are like pulling teeth than growing friendly On the other hand the mistery the thriller aspect reminded me of I Hunt Killers another favourite of mine in the tight plot in the what shit that didn t happen and the who what moments and the building up to what we think is a solution and then it isn tI am hoping there are books in this it doesn t end on a cliffhanger but most certainly on a whole lot of coming Vie and Austin s wayTwo things1 there were throughout the series some mispellings that kind of took from the general enjoyment of the story Sometimes Emmet and Austin became interchangeable and that irritated me When a story is this brilliant I find that I am less inclined to forgive the incorrect spellings etc2 this series is tagged MM romance this is misleading This series is suspensethrillermisterysupernaturalcoming of age there are romantic developments but they serve as countepart to the actual story but to tag this romance is somewhat reductiveI would also underline that Ashe manages to accomplish what many mm authors do not he wrote a thrillersuspense novel whose characters orientation is just who they are two boys in love with each other who navigate the hurdles in the plot and grow together without the fact that they are both boys being turned into a spectacleI highly recommend this series and I do hope there s to come

Download Ò E-book, or Kindle E-pub à Gregory Ashe

review The Dust Feast Hollow Folk #3 Download Ò E-book, or Kindle E-pub à Gregory Ashe Gregory Ashe à 9 Read Only days have passed since Vie Eliot’s murderous half brother a dangerous out of control psychic was stopped from killing the people Vie loves most but Vie is ready for his life to return to normal He has plans Big plans Make the cross country team pick up his grades and spend a lot of time with his boyfriend On the day of cross country tryouts though Vie finds one of the. 45 stars and my favorite so far This deserves a lot better review than I m going to give but I m super tired and can t think right now I ve been sitting on this for two days and don t have my thoughts any in in order soI thought Vie had been physically and emotionally threathened before but there were places in this book where I was seriously doubting he was going to make it I know he s tough and he s strong but he s still a kid However when he needs it most Vie gets help from some unexpected places and I mean view spoiler I knew there were other psychics but I had no idea they were that powerful Temple Mae is kind of scary for real And I like that River is still there for him in a way hide spoiler

review The Dust Feast Hollow Folk #3

review The Dust Feast Hollow Folk #3 Download Ò E-book, or Kindle E-pub à Gregory Ashe Gregory Ashe à 9 Read Teachers dead and Vie refuses to believe that the death was a suicide As he searches for the killer or killers he discovers that a conspiracy exists in the small town of Vehpese a conspiracy that might be older and deeper than Vie first suspects a conspiracy of drugs and human trafficking that might also be tied in some way Vie can’t uite understand to his own abilities and. 45 Stars