Fouad Ajami (Pdf or epub) The Syrian Rebellion

  • Hardcover
  • 260
  • The Syrian Rebellion
  • Fouad Ajami
  • English
  • 10 November 2017
  • 9780817915049

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CHARACTERS è The Syrian Rebellion Ferences in skills between former dictator Hafez al Assad and his successor son Bashar Ajami explains how an irresistible f. Not uite what I was hoping for in that it s mostly focused on the current well as of a year ago conflict rather than the background Very much a first draft of history Still the early chapters help give an overview of who against who and the basic beats of 20th century Syrian history and geopoliticsKind of weirdly to my mind Ajami often dips into a sort of melodramatic speaking to posterity tone complete with poetically mixed up tenses history moved with velocity nowadays This dynastic inheritance in Syria was not destined to survive the second generation

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CHARACTERS è The Syrian Rebellion Fouad Ajami offers a detailed historical perspective on the current rebellion in Syria Focusing on the similarities and dif. I think the book came out too soon It seemed like a large op ed than an actual scholarly work There are no footnotes included Those who are interested in modern political history of Syria and the role of minorities should opt for a different book The book covers the first year of the uprising and the factors that triggered it before things became bloody after the spring of 2012 There were several minor inaccurate facts throughout the book For example Ajami states that Sulaiman Al Assad who sent a letter to the French reuesting independence of the Syrian

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CHARACTERS è The Syrian Rebellion Orce clashed with an immovable object the regime versus people who conuered fear to challenge a despot of unspeakable cruel. Ajami tells the complicated tale of how Hafez al Assad father of the current President Bashar al Assad came to power through eliminating rivals and buying the allegiance of the military and the silence of other potentially influential groups Ruling for almost thirty years Hafez had one one goal in the year 2000 and that was for his son to succeed him which he did Portrayed as a modern Western educated physician who was worldly and sophisticated Bashar s reign has been even explicitly violent against any form of dissent using tactics like starving towns a