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  • The Mistake
  • Douglas Kennedy
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  • 22 May 2018
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The Mistake Read & Download É 104 Uccessful French lawyer in Paris Beautiful intelligent captivating and athletic Who wouldn't fall in love with her Butoften we only see that which we want to se. I am a bit confused to be honest I didn t know that this short story was THAT SHORT No than the 40% of the ebook It seems that the two chapters kind of a preview of one of the other books from this author that are included in the edition that I m reading are longer that The Mistake itself

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The Mistake Read & Download É 104 Douglas Kennedy's new novel Five Days Sometimes things are not always what they seem and the heart can often blind us to the truth Gitte is a forty something s. Well that was bland at its best and annoying at its worstThe actual short story only takes up 40% of the ebook the rest is actually an excerpt from another Douglas Kennedy book Which is a bit dodgy in itself Good thing the book was free I thinkThe writing style was well not that good really and even uite bad at times A few pretty sentences here and there perfect to be underlined as uotes But the rest is riddled with repetitions and weird phrasing that made me wonder if this was a self published book by someone with English as a Second Language which would have been perfectly fine don t have anything against either and will gladly read them just saying that because it seemed badly edited and the phrasing looked like it was translated from another language Imagine my surprise when I saw that Douglas Kennedy is actually a best selling authorHowever the novel excerpt wasn t too bad and I can understand the appeal It s just not for meAnd to go back to The Mistake Gitte s point of view would have been ten times interesting and I really couldn t bring myself to sympathise with the narrator Some of Gitte s annoyance seemed perfectly justified to me although not to the point of anger but wouldn t it have been nicer to get clues to understand it instead of this portrayal of crazy womenz right and I didn t like that we were so obviously meant to side against her Verbal abuse is a compelling and important subject but it didn t seem framed towards an exploration of that to meBut well change all that and you would get another book Though possibly a better one

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The Mistake Read & Download É 104 A direct to digital short story from the Sunday Times bestselling author of The Pursuit of Happiness and The Moment which also features the opening chapter from. A very nice and interesting but too short story by Kennedy And the ebook includes two chapters of Kennedy s new yet to come book Five days Which promises to be the next page turner by one of my favourtie authors