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characters ñ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ☆ S.C. Stephens S.C. Stephens ☆ 7 characters Free read î Thoughtful Thoughtless #15 ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB D never be worthy of her love he hides his growing attraction until Kiera's own tormented heart hints that his feelings might not be one sided Now no matter the conseuences Kellan is sure of one thing he won't let Kiera go without a figh. LIVE on I don t think there has been or ever will be another rocker that owns my heart like Kellan Kyle I still remember all the things I felt while reading Thoughtless Whether you love or hate it you have to give credit when I book completely owns you Thoughtless completely owned me so while I was terrified to start this one knowing what was going to happen I am glad I did As I tell my friends how can you pass up the chance to be in Kellan s headThis review will be a little different since I am assuming if you are reading it you have read Thoughtless if not please stop since there will be spoilers for the Thoughtless Series Thoughtful is Kellan s side of the story and honestly it was so much harder to read Where Kiera was indecisive and sometimes insensitive Kellan was heartbreaking My favorite thing about the male POV is seeing how they felt in situations I love getting into a guys head I when I read how Kellan reacted to Kiera I was in love After reading the trilogy living through the angst heartache and tears it is nice to know that there was always something embedded in these two where they were destined to be together regardless I know that Kellan was open with Kiera but reading how he felt when she first walked in Knowing that his reaction was so much than a physical reaction means something to me I know a lot people don t believe in things like this but I do I believe in having a feeling without even knowing why While I really enjoyed knowing and seeing Kellan s feelings up front it made for a difficult read here s why Throughout the story we are privy to parts of Kellan s childhood As you know his childhood was difficult and ugly but actually reading some of these scenes just messed me up Mainly because you see that he carried that stuff into his adult life his feelings of self worth and self doubt are devastatingly sad For the first time in a long time I was looking at someone who saw me Not the rock star not the playboy but me The real me That brings me to why this book was so hard to read First I love Kellan and while in real life I don t condone cheating nor am I an advocate of it when I read Thoughtless I was screaming just do it already yes I was immediately Team Kyle So to read Thoughtful and see that her refusal hurt than his ego and pride killed me To see that Kellan was mistreated his whole life never shown love or affection Then to know his desire for something realughbring on the tears I also thoroughly enjoyed getting to see the sexy sneaking around moments from Kellan s POV because let s be honest Kellan Kyle is a ROCK STAR in and out of the bedroom I love sneaking around forbidden love in books and I enjoyed seeing how Kellan planned moments and how they effected him Above everything else I loved their love for each other What can I say I am sucker for an happy ever after In the end things felt complete for me Seeing both sides understanding where both people are coming fromit was a full circle moment So my final rating is 4 45 because there are moments of love moments of extreme heartache and moments of rage in this story Regardless of all that any book that can make me feel so many things is a good book in my opinion The only reason I can t give this book a full 5 stars is because there were moments when the story felt long and redundant However I do recommend this book for sure for readers who loved the trilogy you really cant pass this one up You ll be in my mind every second of every day I can promise you that ARC kindly provided by Grand Central Publishing in exchange for an honest review

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characters ñ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ☆ S.C. Stephens S.C. Stephens ☆ 7 characters Free read î Thoughtful Thoughtless #15 ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB In Thoughtless Kiera told her story Now it's time for Kellan Kyle to share his side in Thoughtful The only place Kellan has ever felt at home is on stage Gripping his guitar in a darkened bar he can forget his painful past These days his. S C Stephens hit the jackpot with this one Thoughtful is the best book from a male POV I ve read It was even better then Thoughtless UnbelievableOne day later and I m still recovering from the total mindfuck that Thoughtful was I had forgotten just how frustrating the Kellan Kiera Denny love triangle actually was and it left me completely drained But I loved every second of it Kellan Kyle is worth everything This is S C Stephens at her best Thoughtful was everything I ever could have hoped for Ever since I read Thoughtless years ago and fell in love with the sexy rock star Kellan Kyle I ve hopingdreamt that author S C Stephens would write it from his POV I practically stalked her Facebook page for news daily But it seemed to good to be true that she actually wouldBut as it turned out dreams sometimes comes true My favourite book one of from my favourite author from my favorite character POV it seemed again too good to be true So when I found out she actually was doing it my happiness knew no bounds I ve never been this excited for a book realease Ever Not in my whole lifeCan Thoughtful be read as a standalone Yes You won t be confused at all I felt though that I could enjoy this roller coaster ride better because I had read Thoughtless first but it s not a must If I hadn t it s fully possible I might have combusted with frustration over Kiera and my heart would have ached so much for Kellan S C Stephens really nailed Kellan s POV She did an amazing job with Thoughtful Everything we first feel for in Kellan is here every side of him And I have never loved him I ve been waiting years and years to give a book from a male POV 5 stars and with Thoughtful I finally can While I often love the original book the alternate POV always has been a disappointment While obviously Thoughtful is a retelling of Thoughtless it s also so much So much that would have stayed a secret is revealed Conversations aren t simply retold just the important ones and many are added I think than was a brilliant move by the author Thoughtful really did a number on my heart It was a difficult read My heart ached so much for KellanHe actually believed that he was useless worthless and that no one could ever love himHis dreams about his childhood was so hard to read and the memories haunted him daily I never hated his parents His biggest fear was being alone and yet he was convinced it was his fateReading Kellan s thoughts were painful but Thoughtful was still a perfect book in its own way I don t think This instalment was unnecessary at all It added to the story and especially ones understanding of Kellan I ve never felt connected to Kellan His thoughts about himself hit me hart right to the core They felt so real and I could actually feel them Now than ever he has the 1 spot in my heart forever I thought I loved him after the three previous books but my understanding and love for him has grown so much with this book I really want no need to read through his eyes I need to see him happy in his thoughts Thoughtful was so much heartbreak it could last a lifetime I m already itching to reread Effortless and Reckless It s impossible to get too much Kellan Thoughtful gave Kellan a whole new deeper level If you fell in love with him in Thoughtless you will love him even here Major mindfuck or not this book made me love Kellan than ever I love every part of him Even the parts that hurts to read Even though it hurts you re my favorite painWhat maybe hit me the hardest was the reasons for his many hook ups during the book his need for meaningless sex It wasn t the sex itself he craved It was the connection after All he ever wanted was for someone to care about him Not the rock star just him Thoughtful was hot I might even go so far and say some of the most steamiest scenes was the best ones I ever read If you have a problem with the hero being with other women here s a fair warning I personally had no problem with it what so ever Why shouldn t Kellan have sex with others Kiera was the one in a relationship and she ripped his heart out so many times Kellan could do whatever he wanted to ease the painKiera If you hated her in Thoughtless you will dislike he even in Thoughtful In Thoughtless at least we knew her motives to her every action but from Kellan s side she really did seem like a cold bitch and a fucking whore jumping from bed to bed I never did hate her in Thoughtless but in thisshe really pushed my buttons She ripped out Kellan s heart times than I could count and didn t really seem to feel too bad about it Kellan is a bloody saint for even talking to herD Bags I can t tell you how good it felt to meet the guys in Kellan s band again Matt Evan and Griffin It was like coming home Griffin made me laugh out loud every time he was in the book He is such a funny idiot It s gonna be so much fun to read UntamedI got a newfound love for Evan He really was there for Kellan throughout this book He loved him as a brother and really showed it I adored the talk between him and Kellan at the hospital He was one one of my favorite parts of Thoughtful Griffin too but that goes without sayingDenny I didn t like him him here as much as I did in Thoughtless don t know why I still felt a good vibe about him though It would really be interesting to read his story someday Here I actually felt like it was Kellan who was the better friend Strange maybe considering but I didThe sexual tension between Kellan and Kiera was tangible S C Stephens is the ueen when it comes to that I m serious when I say I ve never read anything like that before Kellan loved Kiera so much Maybe to the point to a little too much I often felt she was unworthy of his adoration Kellan was prepared to take every little crumb of love she could give him he was willing to share her he just wanted a small part of what she and Denny had it broke my heart I feel that Kiera didn t deserve his love That s one of the reasons I want the rest of this series from his POV so bad So she can start to make amends to me Kellan My heart really needs that Hero 5 Angst High focus Heroine 5 Romance High focus Sexual tension 5 Suspense Low focus Storytelling 5 Humour Medium focus Plot 5 Darkness Medium focus Story ending 5 AcknowledgementsAnd lastly I need to thank Kellan Kyle You may be fictional but you completely changed my life and for that I owe you everything LoveOfMyLife CanWeGetMarriedPlease IWantToHaveUrBabies

characters ñ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ☆ S.C. Stephens

characters ñ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ☆ S.C. Stephens S.C. Stephens ☆ 7 characters Free read î Thoughtful Thoughtless #15 ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Life revolves around his music and his band mates and that's the way he likes it And then one woman changes everything Kiera is the kind of girl Kellan has no business wanting she's smart sweet and dating his best friend Certain he coul. FOUR STARSBR with Mel and SharonShe was my greatest pain and my only salvation She was the only one who could heal this hole in my heart a hole she d torn open This was a really hard read for me I know that I must be just a touch sadistic to have read the series FOUR times but Kellan truly is my 1 and he s worth the torture When I finished reading Reckless two years ago I sent an email to SC Stephens just gushing over the book and BEGGING her to write Thoughtless over in Kellan s POV I was not ready to let him go I really wanted to know what was going on in his head during all the turmoil and where did he go all those times he disappeared for days Well I definitely got what I wished for I just am a little sad that the Kellan we get in this one thinks so little of himself and is filled with so much self loathing I struggled at times with his inner monologues Why can t you love me like I love you Why can t anyone How awful am I These self deprecating inner monologues seem to go on for a very long time during the first half of the book My heart was breaking so much for Kellan Honestly I understand why he thought so little of himself He went his entire life without ever having been loved I guess that s one of the many reasons I love Kellan so much He could have turned into a real asshole because of the abuse he endured as a child but no he became this incredible guy that gave up his heart and soul for the one woman he truly loved I just had a hard time with Kellan s self loathing thoughts I didn t ever remember Kellan being that desperate in the previous books and I mean I just reread them this past weekI did end up hating Kiera even in this one I m sure there will be plenty of people who will have an even intense hatred for her Now that I know how badly she hurt him repeatedly I am definitely not feeling any sort of sympathy for her The first half of the book I was feeling so depressed I was so certain this was going to be a five star read for me but Kellan being so desperate to take any scraps of attention Kiera would throw his way really just bugged the ever loving crap out of me THANK GOD the second half of the book was much better and turned things around for me Once Kellan stopped being such a door mat I could breathe a sigh of reliefThere were some scenes that had me crying like a baby The goodbye song he wrote for Kiera The talk between Evan and Kellan at the hospital Kellan had a family all along His band mates loved him like a brother They were there for him during some of his dark days I know sometimes when a book is retold in the other main character s POV it almost seems like we re just getting the story regurgitated but I didn t get that feeling at all I loved experiencing the story through Kellan s perspective and there were plenty of scenes we never got in Thoughtless and man were some scenes very painful to relive in Kellan s POV like the fight in the rain I m so happy that SC Stephens gave us readers this opportunity to reunite with Kellan and no matter what he will always be my 1

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