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Read & Download Gigged AUTHOR Sarah Kessler Þ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook S revolutionized the way we do business High profile tech start ups such as Uber and Airbnb are constantly making headlines for the disruption they cause to the industries they overturn But what are the effects of this disruption from Wall Street down to Main Street What challenges do employees and job seekers face at every level of professional experienceIn the tradition of the great business narratives of our time Gigged offers deeply sourced up close and personal accounts of our new economy From the computer programmer who chooses ex. Just finished Gigged by the brilliant writer Sarah Kessler Over 6 years she reported on the rise of the gig economy the countless enumerations on Uber s model Uber but for cat food and the folks who get swept into the promise of flexible work at good pay Spoiler most of them are disappointed by the gig economy which wasn t designed to empower the kinds of people who really need to work to survive Sarah interweaves several intimate stories one woman writes scripts to get alerts in the middle of the night so she can snatch jobs faster then spends hours labeling products on another man works hard from his trailer in rural Arkansas fielding customer service calls about broken air conditioners then come autumn is out of a job all the while competing with overseas operators who will work for far less money It s bleak people But some iteration of the gig economy represents the future of work at least until the robots catch up

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Read & Download Gigged AUTHOR Sarah Kessler Þ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Actly which hours he works each week to the Uber driver who starts a union to the charity worker who believes freelance gigs might just transform a declining rural town journalist Sarah Kessler follows a wide range of individuals from across the country to provide a nuanced look at how the gig economy is playing out in real timeKessler wades through the hype and hyperbole to tackle the big uestions What does the future of work look like Will the millennial generation do as well their parents How can we all find meaningful well paid work. Gigged is a tech journalists tour of the the gig economy mostly from a neutral standpoint Recently there has been a spat of books that look into the dark side that web 20 and social apps have had in our society These include Weapons of Math Destruction Automatic Ineuality and Algorithms of Oppression to name just 3 that have been published since 2016 There s probably at least a dozen others that are specific towards a domain area like election hacking fake news cyber warfare and surveillance capitalism and another half a dozen books on gig apps themselves like Uber Airbnb etc and still probably another dozen on the future of work in generalGigged primarily follows 4 5 main threads a woman who used s mechanical turk to supplement her husband s income during times of difficulty in their work life the founding team for Managed by a platform for office building janitorial staff the founder of Samaschool a bootcamp that focused on up skilling residents of Dumas Arkansas to work on platforms like Upwork and Taskrabbit a man trying to unionize Uber driver and sue Uber and a several other strings of stories in between It s difficult to discern whether the author s lack of normative positions on the nature of these companies and their effect on society was due to her closeness to the people working in them being a tech journalist or if it was by design Either way because of this feature this book offers a different set narrative from something like Weapons of Math Destruction which sought to uproot as much of the negative aspects of the phenomenon as possible in a 6 7 hour reading time frame In fact most of the stories have some aspects of a happy or positive ending to them The mechanical turker goes back to school to become a labor lawyer Managed by survives to become a so far feasible company who s leadership apparently making decisions to benefit their cleaners and not their bottom line Although the man who sues Uber fails and fails at making a rival to Uber he ends up inspired by Donald Trump and is now seeking to buy lots of real estate and has recently bought a non air bed mattress to sleep on The author does a good job outlining the mechanics and issues with many of these platforms like Upwork where there s a clear bifurcation between two broad categories of jobs those that are highly skilled and command a lot of lucre and those that are extremely menial and don t offer enough pay to entice or support displaced American workers and are often filled by overseas laborers Likewise she did a good job outlining some of the growing pains of Uber from 2015 recent present as well as the issues that plague gig work in general Many of these concerns have been highlighted in recent years and some are even issues that exist in traditional retail work like weekly schedule optimizations that force workers to put in a very late shift and open simultaneously often affording not than a few hours of sleep for the worker in between The author does not forward many if any solutions to these issues but to say that whatever the solution to our job plight might be it will not be to go back to the pre platform days She believes that though imperfect the platforms offer some genuine functional value to gig workers and that this technology will be an integral part of work solutioning for the future The book is not bad it s narrative neutrality is almost academic except with nowhere near as much detail or dryness characteristic of a monograph on a topic like the one covered in this book As a summary it s a definite recommendation as introductory reading For details it is not I d definitely recommend this as ancillary reading on a course for future labor policy andor the ethics of algorithms possible a user experience design course as well

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Read & Download Gigged AUTHOR Sarah Kessler Þ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook With deep reporting and graceful storytelling Sarah Kessler reveals the ground truth of a key part of the American workforce Her analysis is both astute and nuanced making GIGGED essential reading for anyone interested in the future of work Daniel H Pink author of WHEN and DRIVE The full time job is disappearing is landing the right gig the new American Dream One in three American workers is now a freelancer This “gig economy” one that provides neither the guarantee of steady hours nor benefits emerged out of the digital era and ha. This book is a well done and fairly up to date look at the phenomena associated with the gig or sharing economy a set of developments in the organization of work that are turning individual people into individual independent contractors rather than traditional employers This model has become popularized by such firms as Uber and AirBnB although it has been around for a much longer time especially since the fallout from the waves of mergers and acuisitions that hit the US economies in the 1980s and 1990s and left lots of people out of work as a resultWhenever a development like the gig economy hits public attention there is a tremendous temptation to either 1 oversimplify and hype it so that the startups pushing it can attract investors and employees stock options or 2 focus on the dark economic motivations for putting all the human resource costs including expenses for health care saving and retirement and the backs of employees generally not prepared at present to handle such costs This makes for a literature of extremes with balanced approaches being both too boring and also TLDNR too long did not read as my kids will inform me while maliciously eye rolling meFor the gig economy there is a real need to bring the good and the bad together and see how they can potentially fit if that is even possible With the dismantling of post WW2 corporate America and the end of the Organization Man it is clear that the traditional vision of a high paying upwardly mobile white collar professional career was an anomaly at best and a severe distortion at worst Remember all those Springsteen songs At the same time it does not take a lot to think hard about a firm like Uber and wonder how heaven is going to descend on drivers of cars for hire Wage theft is a tried and true American tradition in many sectors and it is not difficult to see who is about to get screwed as the business model unfolds This is a different issue than whether this is a good or bad development I know how the arguments go on this but it is clear to me that there are many in the economy who need extra earnings and a bigger cash flow and lack the resources and skills needed to demand it at will from the economy What is a person to do if they need the money In any event how this all sorts out is much complicated than one is likely to find in short internet technology columns or the sales pitches of either new startups or social action groupsSarah Kessler is a journalist who has produced a rare product a smart thoughtful well written and balanced treatment of the gig economy I hope she writes other books although this one took her some time to work through To me the secret of how Gigged is constructed is in its use of ongoing case studies each focusing on different types of individuals and how the gig economy can help or hinder each Of course the individuals are all different and circumstances differ but she provides a fascinating look at the gig economy from the perspective of different types of works as well as different types of business owners In between she actually explains how the start ups work and clarifies what different it makes if a business maintains a contractor model or else shifts to an employee based model with its increased expenses for pay benefits and work processesRecent evidence from varied sources suggests that the growth of contingent employment has moderated in the past decade and that the gig economy is not going to take over the world This suggests to me that when large numbers of people have to work under these models then the costs and benefits become much clearer people start making choices based on their experiences rather than on hype and even the potential for reasonable regulation raises its headThis is a fine book for someone interested in these aspects of how the digital workplace is beginning to change the rest of the economy