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free read The Discovery of Insulin ð PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB When insulin was discovered in the early 1920s even jaded professionals marveled at how it brought starved sometimes comatose diabetics back to life In this now classic study Michael Bliss unearths a wealth of material ranging from scientists unpublished memoirs to the confidential appraisals of insulin by members of the Nobel Committee He al. I have been born into a world that had insulin and I thought that it had been decades since its discovery I wouldn t have known that this amazing medicine has only been discovered 100 years ago in 1921 until I read this bookThe fact that people has been dying from diabetes only 100 years ago is shocking A simple medication that we doctors prescribe so effortlessly has been a precious discovery and a hope to millions of diabetics only one century ago A diagnosis of T1DM for a child at that time was a death sentenceI stumbled into this book in as I was searching for a medical book and I am so grateful that I came to read such a well written book about the story behind insulinIt s a book that gives us hope that one day a deadly disease can be cured It s a book that reveals the inside world of medicine and research the uncertainties the conflicts the disappointments and the challenges that if some one is lucky might result in a miraculous rewarding discovery It s a book that shows how medicine has evolved and is evolving in a marvelously fast pace This is one of the books that when I finished I had to have a break from reading any other book just to take it all in The writer made me feel like I have been living in that time and I don t think I would ever enjoy a non fiction book as I enjoyed reading this one

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free read The Discovery of Insulin ð PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Jects as the treatment of diabetes before insulin and the life and death struggle to manufacture itBliss;s excellent account of the insulin story is a rare dissection of the anatomy of scientific discovery and serves as a model of how rigorous historical method can correct the myths and legends sometimes perpetrated in the scientific literatu. A fascinating true story describing the political maneuverings surrounding the search for a magic bullet to cure diabetes Scientifically interesting in and of itself but the infighting and intrigue add a dimension just as compelling as any work of fiction

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free read The Discovery of Insulin ð PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB So resolves a longstanding controversy dating to the awarding of the Nobel to F G Banting and J J R Macleod for their work on insulin because each insisted on sharing the credit with an additional associate medical opinion was intensely divided over the allotment of credit for the discovery Bliss also offers a wealth of new detail on such sub. Although I ve said this before I ll say it again I read the original article by Nicolae Paulescu and I can say with certainty that he is the discoverer of insulin I do not know how many actually bothered to compare the articles of Paulescu and Banting s but I did it Not to mention the date of publication of the two articles Thus it is a fully European discovery I have spoken with many people in the field of diabetology and all of them consider that 1 Paulescu and 2 Collip should have been awarded the Nobel or Paulescu alone Because of this colossal error the Nobel awards are no longer given so rapidly As a canadian M Bliss is obliged to support the imposters Banting and Best and to deflect the scandal inside the canadian team Michael Bliss must not distort the history of medicine Those who do not believe me can read the article by Paulescu which has been published prior to that of the canadians The most interesting thing is that Banting and Best cite the work of Paulescu now how hilarious is this situation

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