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free download ☆ eBook or Kindle ePUB æ Jonathan D. Spence Jonathan D. Spence æ 3 free read review Mao Zedong 103 “Spence draws upon his extensive knowledge of Chinese politics and culture to create an illuminating picture of Mao Superb” Chicago Tribune From humble origins in the provinces Mao Zedong rose to abso. This is a good uick read for someone who interested in the way Mao created a public personality and clung to failing policies despite some evidence of his own doubt and criticism from others His journey from a child born in a peasant village who was uick to follow the winds of radical movements and read subversive newspapers as a youth to an isolated older man that imposed radical policies rooted in lofty aphorisms and who was paranoid of dissent from intellectuals and students much like himself when he was a youth I wish this book had gone into depth about how his conflict with chiang kai shek or the Chinese civil war I wondered while reading the book if Mao s experience with the several deaths of his children in their infancy and detachment from then influenced his apathy towards the suffering of the people for the sake of revolution On another note there was some amusing trivia such as his uote to Peng Dehuai if your not going to shit then get off the potWhat my father had told me about his life began to come together such as in in hundred blossoming flowers speech in 1957 which is when my father recalled Mao encouraging dissent with the dissenters promptly being punished for speaking out against Mao My father s cousin committed suicide after speaking out in this period My father called it luring the snake out of the hole

free download ☆ eBook or Kindle ePUB æ Jonathan D. SpenceMao Zedong

free download ☆ eBook or Kindle ePUB æ Jonathan D. Spence Jonathan D. Spence æ 3 free read review Mao Zedong 103 Lute power unifying with an iron fist a vast country torn apart by years of weak leadership colonialism and war This sharply drawn and insightful account brings to life this modern day emperor and the tum. I actually used an old audio tape while driving Shows you the kind of stuff I listen to A fair even handed biography Very thorough What a catastrophic failure Maoism was How does it happen Part of it is losing touch with reality Part of it is a fear of being overthrown Part of it is believing so much in a philosophy that all discussion goes out the door He was willing to destroy all of the historical buildings in Beijing and would rather have had all smokestacks So he nixed a plan to have the greatest park system in the world for workers At least 20 million people died in the Great Leap Forward or Cultural Revolution Enough said

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free download ☆ eBook or Kindle ePUB æ Jonathan D. Spence Jonathan D. Spence æ 3 free read review Mao Zedong 103 Ultuous era that he did so much to shape   Jonathan Spence captures Mao in all his paradoxical grandeur and sheds light on the radical transformation he unleashed that still reverberates in China today ?. This small book which tries to tell a story about one huge world leader really helps readers in a sense that you can understand a huge subject with fewer pages Of course it needs simplification and also selection in order to achieve this goal A layman about the subject I find the book helpful in my journey as readers As I get to understand the subject in a less painful way you need to sip through a few thick tomes to understand it as a whole I find Mao life story struggle family life as interesting strange and often paradoxical in many cases Born in 1893 at Hunan he moved from being a librarian to the chairman of communist China In the early life Spence collected the habit of Mao particularly his love for reading Early in Changsha Mao read rigorously in a library founded by late ing s reformist He had a great interest in world geography and history One of this early teacher was Yang Changji Mao married to his daughter later in his life which reiterate the importance of exercise Mao absorbs this idea and would regularly go hiking with his friend and swim in the Xiang RiverMao also active in organizing student association to go on strike against Zhang Jingyao famously known as General Zhang a military governor in Hunan Mao also loves poetry one of his beautiful poem written to his wife Yang Kaihui in 1923 I m begging you to sever these tangled ties of emotionI myself would like to be a rootless wandererAnd have nothing to do with lovers whispers

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