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Incubus by Ray Russell

Incubus by Ray Russell characters ä PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Rds the solution of the soul searing mystery Galen trembles in mortal dread For no woman is safe from the lethal lust of THE INCUBUS?. I was told about this book by my mother when I was around 13 or so I hadn t thought much of it then I found a copy online for 001 So what s thhe risk I read it and thought that if it was to be updated it would be a best sellerin my opinion It was very surprising to say the least

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Incubus by Ray Russell characters ä PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ictim in a fashion too hideous to contemplate Julian Trask student of the occult is used to thinking the unthinkable As he works towa. Galen seems to be typical of small town America with a population who are familiar to each other and also aware of each other s generational history However when a mysterious spate of rapes and murders begins everyone starts to doubt those they thought they knewThe brutality of the crimes is staggering but Julian Trask who is a former lecturer at Galen University and also a student of the occult strongly suspects the perpetrator to be something other than humanRay Russell s Incubus is a story straight out of the 7080 s pulp fiction cabinet but with a strong dose of good prose Genuinely creepy This was a good read

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Incubus by Ray Russell characters ä PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook “Galen is an ordinary peaceful small town Until horrendous terror strikes and strikes again and again each time claiming a female v. Having originally read this many many years ago I was recently fortunate enough to acuire a second hand copy for 1 A bargainI remembered it as being a truly creepy and horrific read which is full of sizable monsters check the title you ll work it out I was not wrongStrangely most of Ray Russell s books now appear to be out of print which is Aa travesty for horror fans everywhere and Ba serious error on the part of whichever body retains the copyrightSome of his work may now seem tame when compared to the modern trend of schlock horror But take it from me Ray Russell was a ground breaker for his timeWith such an outstanding back catalog which includes Incubus The Case Against Satan Unholy Trinity Haunted Castles Sardonicus this is a writer who is up there with Matheson Bloch Campbell and the best of themI was going to end by suggesting that you might want to do yourselves a favor and go hunting around for some old copies of Russell s worksInstead I have a modicum of good newsPenguin Horror have just released a new and updated edition of Haunted Castles which is the first in a six volume series of classic horror stories edited by Guillermo del ToroHaunted Castles1 is dedicated to the works of Ray Russell So do yourselves a favor and trust me this is one for the Christmas wish list

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