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  • 19 September 2019
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Brain Candy review Û 100 Es and paradoxes eye opening perception tests and hacks fiendish personality uizzes and genius testers and a grab bag of recurring treats including Eye Hacks Algebraic Eight Ball iDread Wild Kingdom and Logic of Illogic     Should you look between these covers and inhale the deliciously cherry flavored scents of knowledge within you will grow your grey matter while discovering  • Why you should be writing bad poetry• The simple keys to brain training• What trust smells like  • The origins of human morality• Why expe. From science writer and TED Ed speaker Garth Sundem comes a Pandora s box of brain taffy to stuff somewhere in your hippocampus the bulk of which you ll probably lose all recollection of shortly after consumption In a uixotic attempt to ward off this neurological misdemeanor I ll take some moments to ueue up any residual anamnesis I still have of Garth Sundem s vat of brain confectioneryIn some ways I enjoyed Brain Candy but not in the ways I normally enjoy a book Also book is not perchance the proper term something that would not have come as a surprise had I leafed through it pre purchase rather than spasmodically tossing it in my shopping cart Brain Candy is a mixed bag of trivia brain trials and interactive uestionnaires spiked with adages about the brain and the latest research all divvied up into small chunks in or less random seuence As such it s of an entertaining coffee table accoutrement or something you d place within short reach of the lavatory its viscid morsels laced in such a way that you don t linger too longAs someone who has scoffed down every crumb tucked between the bindings I can say it s meant to be approached in episodes committed to near term memory and put aside until a later instance warrants its re attention The pages lurch from one topic to the next in such rapid fire fashion that you re forced to switch up your train of thought just as it is building speed No need to overload your cerebrum I d hate to see you hopped up on all those sweets anyway But you want Surface treatment is the enemy of all enemies Indeed many topics simply do not sit well with this format Dissecting the extent to which human and non human behavior is genetic or environmentally conditioned reuires than a family of paragraphs p 90 Probing how human empathy is continuous with other primates and prosocial animals is not an area you can properly canvass in a sub two page serving p 149 Deconstructing addictive behavior and its underlying neural substrates does not go hand in hand with brevity p 125 The differential brain states of those with and without religious convictions is simply not something that can be paraphrased in a sectioned off word salad p 142 Neuroethics Free will Don t even botherAlas this is not recommended for obsessive compulsives or for those magnetized to detail Yes people like yours truly The narrow snippets prefacing each study are embarrassingly tantalizingly terse and freuently left me with uestions than answers Are some people better at thought suppression than others When interrogating a potential suspect how does one determine what is and is not an extraneous detail Is Mr Sundem available for a Skype AA soothing reprieve to the madcap formula served up here is that full citations are provided for many of the excerpts in the back of the book If one of the topics in particular seizes your interest you can always follow up with the original research paper Brain Candy hence registers as a depthless collation priming you for the main entree if you re so inclined Of course there s no reason the ADHD types won t gobble this up If hastily digestible chestnuts are your speed Brain Candy s a fine recipeThere are other treats Sundem crams onto the dinner table The book is chock full of brain teasers psychometric and other pop personality tests and further topped with visual illusions and eye hacks that will infuriate your occipital lobe Some of the brain teasers are worthwhile while others barely rise to the level of time wasters And missing entirely is the crowning glory of all brain twisters four men in hats No excuse for its absenceThe optical legerdemain over consist of illusions you ve probably seen before if you ve had any exposure to the internet Along the way you ll also be forced to slurp down a glossary of phobias that I have my doubts are even real Automatonophobia who knew we had created a word for people frightened by ventrilouist dummies Some might call much of this filler Those people would be right Any and I would have unhesitantly slapped on two starsLastly I cannot close out this review without mentioning the most savory bite in the book Sundem enumerates a few hapless men who found themselves with nails yes nails and other pointy objects lodged in their brain p 60 One man was found to have a two inch nail embedded in his skull for twelve years before symptoms prompted him to consult a doctor Another s suicidal run in with a nail gun backfired after having twelve nails plunged into his skull What did he do except stroll into his local hospital complaining of a mild headache Yet another nail gun incident involved a construction worker unbeknowingly firing a four inch nail through the roof of his mouth which penetrated clean through to the brain stopping directly behind his right eye The man gathered he had a toothache which he sat on for six days before seeking help from one profoundly bemused dentist And many of these men recovered with no neurological deficits whatsoever ExtraordinaryClosing ThoughtsWith neuroscience some twenty years or behind genetics and other interoperable disciplines it takes some effort to enlist the reader on an empirically sound up to date voyage of the field Brain Candy may well have been formed with other goals or target audiences in mind and that s fine too As a mere intellectual stimulant it gets the job done I m hesitant to label this pop science given the aforementioned citations and scholarly references abutting much of the synopses But it sure reads like it Sundem s an entertaining writer to be sure but he leaves too much to the imagination culminating in a book that s long on fun and short on substance like a hyper condensed Radiolab podcast There s also a lot of dull filler that could have to great benefit been replaced by meatier expos s on the less permeable topics I m just one taste tester however If a heavily staccatoed collection of brain facts and toothsome studies logic puzzles and neurovisual tricks appeals to you Brain Candy might be the perfect complement to your reading or living room d corNote This review is republished from my official website Click through for additional footnotes and imagery

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Brain Candy review Û 100 Feed Your Brain   Tastier than a twizzler yet protein packed than a spinach smoothie Brain Candy is guaranteed to entertain your brain even as it reveals hundreds of secrets behind what’s driving that electric noodle inside your skull    These delicious and nutritious pages are packed with bits of bite sized goodness swiped from the bleeding edge of brain science including the reason why reading these words is changing your hippocampus at this very moment Shelved alongside these succulent neurological nuggets are challenging puzzl. Um I don t know much about this book but I heard it s really really good

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Brain Candy review Û 100 Nsive wine always tastes better• The truth about brain sweat • How your diet might be making you dumb• The secrets of game theory• Why economists hate psychology • The mental benefits of coffee and cigarettes • How to really spot a liar• Why you can’t make me eat pie• The benefits of daydreaming • Four simple secrets to persuasion• Why your barin’s fzzuy ligoc alowls you to raed this• How to brainwash friends and family• The science of body language• What pigeons know about art   And much muc. For starters this had one of the most amazingly on the nose titles I have ever seen associated to a book I mean the metaphor goes deep This book is essentially junk food for the mind a collection of succulent facts that grab your attention but you uickly forget about as you consume and You know its bad for you it s wrong but you just keep going for one bite and hey look another puzzle I found that the premise did a good job of putting the book above reproach by specifically mentioned the need for skepticism while reading As a scientist I personally enjoy being skeptical about claims That said his way of formatting everything into these bite sized snippets resulted in some pretty poorly constructed explanations I was personally disturbed when he proposed using logical fallacies to use as arguments in a discussion The whole point of these things is that they are a sign of a poorly constructed argument Yes that might be good advice for messing with a hotheaded teenager but to anyone who knows anything about logic you ll just seem like an idiotAlso he presented some puzzles that were so poorly formulated as to be inaccurate or unsolvable which as anyone knows can get very frustrating Example spoiler one problem involves meeting your mother between your two homes to pass off a dog and the problem includes the statement You live an hour s drive apart at 730 am you ll both start drivingyou want to get back as soon as possible Should you leave a little earlier or later than 730 and then the answer goes if you mash the pedal at 530 you could make it home by 615 What The Hell Why don t I just leave the night before or take my jetpack And by what magic did a 2 hour trip turn into a 45 minute road race The whole point of meeting in the middle was that it wouldn t take than an hour s drive in the first place If the aim of this puzzle was to provoke the reader into enumerating all the things that are wrong with it then I tip my hat to you sir it worked A lot of his little brain hacks didn t seem to work either Chewing while using scissors reallyAfter having almost finished my BA in psychology I can safely say to have heard about the great majority of his brainpsych facts the ones involving references A good deal were well consolidated pieces of information but others needed a bit critical thinking on his part The self test uizzes started getting on my nerves essentially since they were nothing than a horoscope using pop psy terms All in all I thought the premise was interesting it gave me uite a few conversation starters but poor execution