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  • Доктор Живаго
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  • 03 April 2019
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READ & DOWNLOAD â LO-MAPS.RU Ú Boris Pasternak Boris Pasternak Ú 1 CHARACTERS READ & DOWNLOAD Доктор Живаго Life and loves of a poet physician during the turmoil of the Russian Revolution Taking his family from Moscow to what he hopes will be shelter in the Ural Mountains Yuri Zhivago finds himself instead embroiled in the battle between the Whites and the Reds. 486 Doctor Zhivago Boris PasternakDoctor Zhivago is a novel by Boris Pasternak first published in 1957 in Italy The novel is named after its protagonist Yuri Zhivago a physician and poet and takes place between the Russian Revolution of 1905 and World War II The plot of Doctor Zhivago is long and intricate It can be difficult to follow for two main reasons first Pasternak employs many characters who interact with each other throughout the book in unpredictable ways and second he freuently introduces a character by one of hisher three names then subseuently refers to that character by another of the three names or a nickname without expressly stating that he is referring to the same character 1969 1337 560 1342 1343 1337 549 1361 560 1369 560 9646495184 1380 560 9647294204 1382 1386 508 9789648940466 1390 630 9789646495180 20 1338 312 1362 756 1392 840 9789643517335 1382 161 9645607434 1384 1388 1380 1003 9786005541120 1396 1014 9786008394990 1396 800 9786002025197 1917 1965 2005 1956 1957 1988 1342 1362 1361

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READ & DOWNLOAD â LO-MAPS.RU Ú Boris Pasternak Boris Pasternak Ú 1 CHARACTERS READ & DOWNLOAD Доктор Живаго And in love with the tender and beautiful nurse LaraRichard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky have restored the rhythms tone precision and poetry of Pasternak's original bringing this classic of world literature gloriously to life for a new generation of reade. The 1965 David Lean film with the same title is one of my all time favorite movies and so it was an inevitability that I would one day finally read Boris Pasternak s novel masterpiece Like James Dickey and Robert Penn Warren this novel written by a poet leaves the reader with an idea of lyric uality Nowhere is his identification as a poet realized than at the end as the books finishes with a section of poetry though there are passages throughout the book that blend seamlessly into an introspective mystical poetry and back again to the illustrative narrative This style is a stark contrast to the realistic journalistic prose of Truman Capote s In Cold Blood written just a few years later but across the pond The freuent references to Russian mysticism and a longing for an older idyllic time is reminiscent of Bulgakov s The Master and Margarita The air smells of pancakes and vodka This is expressionism feigning realism The great art of Doctor Zhivago is the connection with the tragic time and place it documents the Russian transformation into the Soviet Union Yuri Andreyivich becomes a personification for the lost Russia his mother s funeral and his father s suicide further metaphor for a lost innocence a cutting off and separation from what was and an isolationist orphaned stepping into the future Zhivago s journey along with his fellow Russians into Soviet communism and his evolving disillusionment is both an allegory of the torture of individuality and a prayer for the undying hope and poetry of human resiliency Yet Pasternak and by extension his creation Zhivago makes allowances for the need for social reform in Russia and so his later and eventual dissatisfaction with communism has greater weight and credibilityBesides Yuri Andreyivich Pasternak describes a triumvirate of Russian characters PashaStrelnikov Kamerovski and of course Lara Pasha who transforms himself into the Red Army terrorist Strelnikov who also resembles Conrad s Kurtz personifies the Russian idealist who is seduced and blinded by power who begins with well intentioned plans and dreams and comes to murder outrage and a death of moral courage Kamerovski could be on a short list of greatest literary villains of the twentieth century The shameless lawyer who betrayed Yuri s parents and ruined Lara comes to symbolize the debauchery of Czarist Russian the extravagance and immoral bankruptcy of the times Lara is Mother Russia raped by a gilded villain obligatorily married to an ideal and in love hopelessly and tragically to a poet philosopher with whom togetherness cannot beI can understand how someone could call this their favorite work of all time it was beautifully written and like Tolstoy s War and Peace was iconoclastically both epic and intimately personal I did very much enjoy reading it and Pasternak s poetic prose gives a magnified appreciation to Lean s work which was a fine tribute to the Great Russian novel

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READ & DOWNLOAD â LO-MAPS.RU Ú Boris Pasternak Boris Pasternak Ú 1 CHARACTERS READ & DOWNLOAD Доктор Живаго From the acclaimed translators of War and Peace and Anna Karenina a stunning new translation of Boris Pasternak's Nobel Prize winning masterpiece the first since the 1958 original Banned in the Soviet Union until 1988 Doctor Zhivago is the epic story of the. When I read this in my early twenties it went straight into my top ten favourite novels All the ravishing set pieces of snow the high adventure of the long train journeys through spectacular landscapes and Yuri and Lara as the romantically bound orphans of the storm was irresistible to my romantic young imagination On top of that as you d expect from a poet the novel is alive with memorable piercing images This was my third time of reading it I still loved it but it would no longer make my top ten or even twenty I began to suspect it might be a novel you love less the older you get There were moments where I found Pasternak s vision closer to that of an overly romantic young man a lover rather than a husband or father Nabokov famously called it dreary and conventional For someone so astute at always coming up with the right word dreary is decidedly off the mark Pasternak packs into his novel two revolutions two world wars and a famine In fact it s hard to think of any country in the history of the world that has gone through such a series of traumatic events in such a short period Pasternak does a terrific job of condensing all these events into theatre There are no characters in this novel than in a play And as in a play all characters continue to interact with each other in a self contained world This of course demands a number of far fetched coincidences but these are embroidered together with such artistry that not once did I have a problem of suspending disbelief He does this by designing a floorplan in which the idea of predestination is the science that holds everything together I was thinking while reading this that serious authors no longer tend to write romantic self portraits of themselves After Fitzgerald and Hemingway the trend began to die out Perhaps because the person we least know in any objective sense is ourselves and to write about yourself especially from a romantic perspective is to risk portraying as ualities what most see as faults This is true of Yuri who comes across as pompous and ineffectual at times which I m not sure Pasternak meant To be honest I m not sure how similar Yuri is to Pasternak but because they are both poets there s often the feeling he s writing about himself Fitzgerald after all denied Dick Diver was a self portrait when clearly this was a smokescreen And like Dick Diver Yuri isn t terribly convincing as a doctor either Not convincing in other words whenever Pasternak tries to distance him from himself Not that this matters much in either case Dr Zhivago could be seen as the most elaborate justification of adultery every written I doubt if it s any hard core feminist s favourite novel This time around I wasn t convinced about his women He seems to idealise women rather than understand them often putting his own words into their mouths Tonya s letter to Yuri when she finds out he s betrayed her is almost comical in its flattering appeal to his vanity and understanding of Lara s advantages over her own What woman would tell her man she makes things simple and acknowledge her rival complicates them That s like admitting you re duller than your rival You might fear it but never would you say it at least not in the calm moderated charming way Tonya does This voice of reason on the part of Tonya while the entire country is a bloodbath of irrational hatred jars Pasternak means well when he writes about women but like many educated man of his generation can come across as patronising Pasternak will also show how public life and its etiuette its conventions can corrupt the personal life In the old world his marriage to Tonya is a rational decision they re from the same class share a similar education and have much in common And yet the lower class Lara is better suited to him But it takes the revolution for them to meet on eual terms Ironically then for all his criticism of the revolution he s recognising it introduced a broader prospect for love between soulmates while before love was principally confined to social euals Komarovsky is a key character to understanding what Pasternak thought of the revolution in broad terms Komarovsky begins the novel as a predatory entrepreneur who enjoys the good life After all the passionate idealism the killing and sacrifice and starvation Komarovsky loses not one iota of his power The unscrupulous mercenary will always come out on top And maybe it s this accurate but rather unadventurous idea which runs through the novel that explains why Nabokov found the novel dreary On the other hand maybe he was just bitching about a rival Once again I read the old translation which has been roundly criticised I read somewhere that the translator read a page and then set about translating it without again glancing at it In other word he went for the gist rather than the rhythm There s a new one now that is apparently much better