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Free download Ý Invisible Women: Data Bias in a World Designed for Men 104 That excludes womenAward winning campaigner and writer Caroline Criado Perez brings together for the first time an impressive range of case studies stories and new research from across the world that illustrate the hidden ways in which women are forgotten and the impact this has on their health and well being In making the case for change this powerful and provocative book will make you see the world an. Invisible Women is the story of what happens when we forget to account for half of humanity It is an expos of how the gender data gap harms women when life proceeds or less as normal In urban planning politics the workplace It is also about what happens to women living in a world built on male data when things go wrong When they get sick When they lose their home in a flood When they have to flee that home because of warMy husband is not a knuckle dragging caveman but he is a middle aged white Canadian male totally oblivious to the privileges afforded to him by our society admittedly many of those privileges are granted to me as well We were in the car listening to the radio over the summer and It s a Man s World began to play Dave chuckled and said Boy things have changed eh And I replied And boy have they stayed the same And this stunned him You can t believe that he said Here s a story for you then A young girl at work I cut him off Young girl What is she eight or nine And then he was flustered You know what I mean I m just trying to tell you a nice story He paused like he was going to punish me by not telling me the story after all but soon continued Rebecca who is probably twenty five and on my team was asked by HR to assemble some slides for a presentation on the industry and she asked me if she could present it to me first She reads off the first slide which is about the gender pay gap and before she went to the next slide she frowned looked at her notes and said This is probably American data Because she knows that there s no gender pay gap in our office and if anything there are women than men in senior positions and women on a management track He looked proud of himself and he should I know that this non caveman the father of my daughters is not a sexist or a chauvinist but still I pushed my point If this had been a twenty five year old male in your story would you have started off with This young boy at work Because that s what hasn t changed and no matter what you consciously do to promote the careers and the welfare of the women you know it s the subconscious biases that are harder for us to navigate because you don t even know what you re doing that s holding us back Dave shocked to discover I felt this way wanted details about these subconscious biases of which I accused him And while women know that the systems are rigged against us it s hard to be specific until now Caroline Criado Perez has assembled a collection of shocking and eye opening stories in Invisible Women very clearly making the point that men for the most part aren t consciously trying to hold women back for the most part men don t think about women and the fact that our needs might differ from their own at all From medicine to safety devices to public transit everything is designed and tested to suit the typical male s body and needs with women s very different bodies and needs considered niche or secondary or the same but smaller It is mostly about the gender data gap the fact that nearly all studies and research even medical testing isn t disaggregated by sex so there is next to no data about how anything in our societies which tend to be designed by men for men affects women differently than men And where this is no data a thing in this case women is in effect invisible to those who do the planning in most cases men Informative shocking and usefully prescriptive Invisible Women is a must read for men and women everywhereThe specifics are fascinating dysmenorrhea extremely painful periods was found to be completely alleviated without side effects in the early stages of Viagra testing but its manufacturer stopped that direction of testing when it found the drug s profitable application women in police forces and armies around the world are forced to wear male body armour that doesn t account for breasts and hips and therefore leaves them vulnerable to attack and prone to workplace injury a female police officer in Spain was disciplined for acuiring her own made for women bulletproof vest NGOs tend to ask the male heads of household what is reuired in the aftermath of a disaster which has than once led to the construction of homes without kitchens in them but it would take a book length review to list everything fascinating in this book I ll just add some of Criado Perez s conclusions regarding the invisibility of women in public planning When planners fail to account for gender public spaces become male spaces by default The reality is that half the global population has a female body Half the global population has to deal with the sexualised menace that is visited on that body The entire global population needs the care that currently is mainly carried out unpaid by women These are not niche concerns and if public spaces are truly to be for everyone we have to start accounting for the lives of the other half of the world And as we ve seen this isn t just a matter of justice it s also a matter of simple economics The invisibility of women in the workplace Women have always worked They have worked unpaid underpaid underappreciated and invisibly but they have always worked But the modern workplace does not work for women From its location to its hours to its regulatory standards it has been designed around the lives of men and is no longer fit for purpose The world of work needs a wholesale redesign of its regulations of its euipment of its culture and this redesign must be led by data on female bodies and female lives And the invisibility of women in the political sphere The data we already have makes it abundantly clear that female politicians are not operating on a level playing field The system is skewed towards electing men which means that the system is skewed towards perpetuating the gender gap in global leadership with all the attendant negative repercussions for half the world s population We have to stop willfully closing our eyes to the positive discrimination that currently works in favour of men We have to stop acting as if theoretical legal euality of opportunity is the same as true euality of opportunity And we have to implement an evidence based electoral system that is designed to ensure that a diverse group of people is in the room when it comes to deciding on the laws that govern us all The first step to true euality of opportunity and outcome would be to close this gender data gap wherever there is evidence of ineuality decent people do tend to advocate for change but this will take women in decision making roles it s disheartening to read of the many researchers who can t get grants to study issues that affect only women as they are too niche and that takes time I remember back in the 80s my mother complaining that the medical world tended to treat women like small men instead of maybe just maybe something not the same as men So yeah that was a long time ago and it s still a man s world

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Free download Ý Invisible Women: Data Bias in a World Designed for Men 104 Imagine a world where your phone is too big for your hand where your doctor prescribes a drug that is wrong for your body where in a car accident you are 47% likely to be seriously injured where every week the countless hours of work you do are not recognised or valuedIf any of this sounds familiar chances are that you're a woman Invisible Women shows us how in a world largely built for and by men we ar. Incredibly enlightening and frustrating

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Free download Ý Invisible Women: Data Bias in a World Designed for Men 104 E systematically ignoring half the population It exposes the gender data gap – a gap in our knowledge that is at the root of perpetual systemic discrimination against women and that has created a pervasive but invisible bias with a profound effect on women’s livesFrom government policy and medical research to technology workplaces urban planning and the media Invisible Women reveals the biased data. Simply said if someone is in power he tries to make a policy that meets his wishes and reflects the image of the society company etc he wants to build This can be done in a direct evil way by treating minorities women atheists etc with repression until imprisonment torture and death if they misbehave and in these cases it is an obvious crime It gets subtle when bigotry and indoctrination kick in and lead to both politicians and managers that are not all direct misogynic sexists That would either fit the reuirements their spin doctors taught them for winning the next election nor the code of conduct corporate responsibility or whatever ethic mumbo jumbo the PR department has in planning Those white rich man s minds have been poisoned by influences of faith elitist thinking and inhumanity and many of them simply had no chance to get out of this vicious cycle because it makes no difference if it is a cult an extremist group or a billionaires club they are all pretty misguided and pitiful The worst case both for women and for the possibility to real change are those who believe that they are doing the right thing and would call themselves emancipated but keep on pushing laws and employment contracts that discriminate against women indirectly and perfidiously They don t give any kind of appreciation allowance or financial help to mothers without whose immense pain and effort each nation would die out because no kids would be born any They don t give a dollar for all the unpaid work the caring for toddlers and especially care dependent elders and without this the health system would simply collapse There are medicinal research areas that are taught shaped and mainly tested on man It is a simple economic reason why men are preferred in all kinds of long going and very expensive admission procedures for drugs because they don t get pregnant and have no staggering hormone levels The result is that many side effects may cause much harm in women because they haven t been tested in such large numbers or anyway The same uestions plops up with the harmfulness of well anything like any kind of food additive environmental toxins and the regulatory limits Tested and found harmless for men with an official uality seal Tested with younger and older women with different hormone levels muscle mass and probably pregnancy Nope would have been too difficult and expensive sorry nobody does that probably in wonderland but not here There are no numbers available regarding the side effects of all drugs environmental destruction and food risks but let s say that there may be an unknown number of women that would have profited from clean 50 male 50 female test series instead of dying I find it really difficult to decide if the simple logical economic greed is disgusting than the reminiscences and aftermaths of all those very old sexist writings by weird old men Those two axes of evil certainly exponentiate each other learn from each other and produce the right social and consumer products for him who unofficially still deems women inferior In design the number of toilets is a prime example of male domination This is not deadly in contrast to using crash test dummies that are normed as male or giving free condoms and restricting female contraception but an instance of simply forgetting that there is another gender out there Or designing public transport in a way that makes it impossible to do than just manly things like driving from home to work and back and not caring about things like groceries kids and stuff It would also be expensive to tailor clothes that fit better at hips and breasts so it simply isn t done As much talk as there is about gendering sexual harassment eating disorders etc so less is heard about those topics in mainstream media Those would probably bash the religious groups as long as the broadcast corporation doesn t belong to the Kraken But they wouldn t even touch the economic problems with pincers and gloves cause they all are very dependent on the companies advertising their products There are no men in general to blame but a society and upbringing that makes them so blind to the different necessities of half of the population that their work publications and statistics get highly subconscious biased onesided dangerous and often even deadly as seen in medicine especially pharmacy one of the sickest examples of misleading science I have ever seen especially because it is so obvious and could be easily prevented This is a men biased world one could sing and yes the so called strong gender built the whole world with a focus on efficiency profit or prestige and didn t listen care or even think of the needs of all their wives mothers sisters and daughters And they inherited this behavior to their sons instead who live in a world of big data with algorithms AI and immense potential to use all those tools to improve life for all people but instead as daddy taught them they simply ignore forget or the easiest way don t even evaluate the data about women to jump in their money storage instead and let gold coins softly recoil from their bald head from daddy too producing a hollow sound from a skull just filled with By empowering women making a strict law to make half of each government and management leadership ranks half female make all research transparent with tools like blockchain and dumping direct and indirect sexism in the trash can of history right next to all the other sick ideas out of white men s headsThis is another great book about the topic like to talk about WEIRD and the topic is a prime example of it wiki walk can be as refreshing to the mind as a walk through nature in this completely overrated real life outside books