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review Marry Smart Ñ eBook or Kindle ePUB Ect for yourself through all the nonsense and much Aimed at college girls and graduates this book has tips and life lessons for women everywhere who haven’t found a partner yet or are struggling to decide when it’s the right time for Mr Right or for whom Mr Right has gone wrongAs unerringly honest as Amy Chua’s Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother as practical as Steve Harvey’s Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man and infused with Patton’s tell it like it is homey charm Marry Smart contains old fashioned wisdom for a modern generation of women. Reuested an e arc because of all the discussion around Patton s article I was curious against my better judgement I wish I d listened to myself because I really did not enjoy reading this book and frankly didn t really finish Luckily her advice is so snobby elitist and specific it won t really apply to the vast majority of humanity but I m sure it will be widely read Most of her faults are pretty generic reducing people to hackneyed stereotypes fat shaming explaining via biological reductionism and even the few tiny morsels of good advice she gives is so difficult to pick out that it does little to redeem the book overall For example she advises that women be nice to men because you never know whatwho they might turn out to be couching basic good advice about politeness in a social climbing and b women do this men do that stereotypes Hard pass

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review Marry Smart Ñ eBook or Kindle ePUB The “Princeton mom” who caused a stir with her controversial letter to the Daily Princetonian offering advice to young women at Princeton about marrying early delivers unvarnished truths in this smart straightforward and witty book of life lessonsA graduate of Princeton’s class of 1977 Susan Patton garnered strong reactions from both naysayers and supporters with her controversial column published in the college newspaper in March of 2013 “Forget about having it all or not having it all leaning in or leaning out” she wrote to undergra. Whoa I m still decompressing from this book Aside from my opinions about the author and her message which I will definitely address let me first say that this book isn t particularly well composed After Susan finishes her overview of finding a mate in either your 20s or dare she say your 30s eek you spinster she includes a later section about dating in your 50 s how to deal with an empty nest how to talk to your daughter about how she ll never be attractive or fertile than she is during her college years thanks Mom and Dadand also entertaining in the home Mmmmkay Susie girl The chapters are very short and just in case she couldn t keep your attention for four pages or less there are re cap boxes on the last page of each chapter for her most important points Sometimes the recap is literally the last sentence on the page again I thought this book was for Smart Girls Surely they can garner a point readily than that Anyway on to the content So Susan starts her book with the disclaimer that this book is only geared towards those women who hope to enter into a traditional marriage and have children However it s written broadly and that s what generally offends enrages me It s one thing to tell women that wanting to be a mother is nothing to be ashamed of I agree that you shouldn t feel like wanting to be a mom is a bad thing However as Susan continues to lay out her rational and advice it goes from bad to worse She s as someone who spoke with her on panel said that crazy aunt that sidles up to you at wedding and tells you you re not getting any younger Literally Most of her advice is that you are not getting any younger and your eggs are ticking time bombs Find a husband now or be doomed to either never have children or be prepared to shell out tons of money and experience emotional and physical pain while completing in vitro or trying to adopt Well Susan what about those women who do get married and try to start families only to find that even in their non spinster years they can t conceive Lesser parenting for you sorry Other sage advice Settle Don t be a slut Or worse a drunk slut If you get raped and you ve been drinking that s on you YOU ARE SO FERTILE RIGHT NOW BUT YOU ARE GETTING LESS FERTILE EVERY SECOND PANIC Every child needs a father But it s okay if you get divorced because you re not right for each other You really just need the dude s genetic contribution Old moms older than 35 have defect babies No one trusts unmarried women in their 30s And no one wants to date them When your marriage falls apart though dating in your 50s is SO MUCH FUN You should stay home and raise the kids But don t expect to be in the work force when they go to college It s okay if you would have worked you would have gotten fired downsized anyway Good luck in your empty nest Never discuss your paycheck Unless you re Susan Patton SHE MADE 350000 A YEAR WHILE WORKING FROM HOME AND BEING THE CLASS MOTHER Feminists are evil They should put their bras back on and stop emasculating men Parents please discuss your daughters fertility with them as soon as they start college Their eggs are already drying up I could go on But I m going to stop Susan doesn t fact check Susan relies on her personal advice that seems better left in the 1950s which she thinks were a much better time for women anyway since their career prospects were so limited they really had no better options than having babies right away If you want to be a mom that s your life and you can make those decisions for yourself If your ONLY goal in life is to have children maybe this book will be good for you If you actually want to have a good relationship a family AND a career I suggest you seek other sages Unless you like being really angry for 200 pages

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review Marry Smart Ñ eBook or Kindle ePUB Duate women at Princeton “Here’s what you really need to know that nobody is telling youfind a husband on campus before you graduate Yes I went there”Now in Marry Smart Patton goes even further with the benefit of hindsight to give women everywhere the advice they need about marriage motherhood and happiness It is a book of savvy advice mixed with anecdotes recipes and above all a keen sense of humor Patton covers topics such as college hook up culture how to spot a Good Boy why it’s harder for smarter girls to date how to maintain resp. I just heard this author on NPR I WILL not be reading this book I am not feminist but I do believe men and women are complete in of themselves they don t need to be married or have children to love a full life This author just made me feel like a failure for not getting married in college when I should of and having the children I probably won t have I could go on but I will refrainIt has been a long time since I had eually strong reactions to gag and to scream in anger Also I am rating this one even though I didn t read it as I want it to have low ratings blech

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