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Study Break

READ Study Break REVIEW Ê Study Break Lucy Smoke ✓ 1 REVIEW May be than I bargained for All it takes is one slip and the books are closed because I'm taking a Study Break This is a reverse harem title This title contains sexual situation. This book is a fast burn contemporary RH romance novella It is a uick and steamy readIf you want a big build up and long plot this isn t for you But if you want hot heavy and detailed look no further Our FMC gets snowed in the campus library alone with four football players and things get very interesting very uickly Yum


READ Study Break REVIEW Ê Study Break Lucy Smoke ✓ 1 REVIEW Athletes Getting trapped in the library with a group of male co eds was not my idea of a productive evening But when the heat goes out cuddling up to four hot football players. A novella worth taking a break forRating I don t normally go out of my way to read novella s I prefer books with story line then a novella tends to have That being said Hot Damn This book has just enough of everything that it will draw you in and will make you feel like you have read a whole book Lucy Smoke is a really talented writer Jamie goes to study in the library on a cold winter night right before her last exam at Christmas And is treated to the night of her life by Cody Dex Taylor and Darren These boys are hot and how they are there for Jamie is even hotter I m definitely looking forward to the next book called Tough Break which is the continuation of Jamie and her boys story

Lucy Smoke ✓ 1 REVIEW

READ Study Break REVIEW Ê Study Break Lucy Smoke ✓ 1 REVIEW All I needed was a good study night One night and I was home free for the holidays Apparently fate had other plans in mind for me A snowstorm A blackout Four insanely attractive. Wow oh wow Could not put this book down no matter what It moves along at the perfect speed for reading which was neither too fast nor too slow It has amazing characters that you will fall in love with and want to see overcome everything that may get in their way of succeeding The story is awesome Once you start reading you will not be able to stop until you reach the last page This book is a must read you will not be sorry that you did

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