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The Comet Seekers

SUMMARY Å The Comet Seekers Helen Sedgwick · 1 SUMMARY Ch of them only when a comet is visible in the skies above we see how their paths cross as they come closer and closer to this momentTheirs are stories filled with love and hope and heartbreak that show how strangers can be connected and ghosts can be real and the world can be as lonely or as beautiful as the comets themselve. Holy book Batman This was painfully beautiful So there are certain movies that are worth watching over and over again You never feel like you can unfold all the layers and fully understand every aspect of it so you keep watching those movies and keep discovering something new that was hidden the times before Every time you watch it again you realize something that maybe you didn t know you realized before This book was that for me About one chapter in and I knew this was something I d have to read again because there are so many layers This book demands and deserves to be explored again and again It can only get beautiful I also must say that the style of writing didn t really hit me until the end That s when I really understood the beauty behind the words Every single line is so elouent well thought out and thought provoking I mean guys This one is a beautI m not going to delve too far into the subject matter other than to say this book is really sad and really depressing and really freakin eye opening It almost seems like I m saying Don t read this book it s super depressing and will make you sad nostalgic and all those feelings you try to avoid I m not saying that My point there is that it touches on an experience everyone has or certainly will eventually have at least once in their lifetime Losing people we love for one reason or another Making every day the best day Telling the people in our lives how we feel precisely when we feel it This is a story about loss but importantly it s a story about life Some of us will try to avoid it some of us will try to embrace it but no one can escape itRead this book Do it now I m not trying to boss you around or am I but I think you d be missing out on something really special if you didn t

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SUMMARY Å The Comet Seekers Helen Sedgwick · 1 SUMMARY One Day meets The Time Traveler's Wife in this spellbinding magical debut novel about love loss hope and heartbreak that shows us that for each of us the world can be as lonely or as beautiful as the comets that illuminate the skies above usRóisín and François first meet in the snowy white expanse of Antarctica And everyth. Antarctica The first sunset of the year Darkness will increase 20 minutes a day R is n an Irish astrophysicist and Fran ois a French chef both working at a research station are becoming involved They share a wanderlust and a deep attachment to people and places continents away she to her beloved cousin Liam he to his unusual mother Severine But each feels a connection to the other that seems to have been written in the stars The Comet Seekers traces their paths through time and geography to show how they found themselves and each other at this time in this forbidding but magical place at the end of the Earth Helen Sedgwick from her siteR is n always had her eyes on the sky Even as a child she would drag her closest friend her cousin Liam out at night to look at the heavens in rural Ireland particularly when there was a comet to be seen Liam is very much earth based expecting to spend his life working his family s farm R is n always knew that she wanted to see the world and study the worlds beyond The tension in R is n s relationship with Liam is as palpable as their deep love for each other They talk about their respective worlds the earth and the sky the ground under his feet and the planets over her headComet West from LearnAstronomyHcomFran ois was an only child raised in the Normandy town of Bayeux seven miles from the English Channel home to the world famous Bayeux Tapestry but on that later It is Fran ois mother Severine we follow on most of the track back of Fran ois journey Severine is an unusual sort Faulkner may have famously noted that The past is never dead It s not even the past Maybe this is true for some than for others After her grandmother passed away Severine began receiving freuent visits from her relatives herumlate relatives She had hud her beloved grandmother when she had seen her freuently talking to people no one else could see and who Severine presumed were not there Turns out she has inherited her Granny s ability and becomes hostess to freuent visitations Much garden party than spook house as she gets to meet in addition to beloved Granny ancestors from ages past There is one though whose ghostliness is decidedly ghastly Brigitte haunts Severine in a usual way with displays of the horror that had ended her life The mystery of this ghost and why she remains herself haunted is a large motivator for Severine Comet McNaught from LearnAstronomyHcomFran ois as had been true for his mother before him when she was young does not see the ghosts He thinks his mother is mad and is mortified when she chats with the unseen while any other living souls are present But they remained close despite her oddity and his disbelief But Severine contributed to her son than a store of discomfiting tales It is the cooking she does with him that leads him to a life in fine cuisine And she passes on to Fran ois her passion for exploring the world however homeward she may have turned her own adventure Donati s Comet from WikimediaA central notion of The Comet Seekers is that not only are there ghosts but these spirits are most visible when there is a comet in the sky Like hand crank radios comets seem to provide temporary power to spirits enabling them to visit their earth bound descendants at least the ones with the capacity to see Once the comet fades from sight so do the visitors Her granny says the ghosts will only stay for as long as she can see it in the sky The brighter it is the they have to say And there are other conditions The ghosts are somehow rooted to an earthly location Yes they can make the odd visit elsewhere but the cost in battery power is considerable If you want to hang with the haunts you really have to stay close to home You have to want to see the visitors in order to get to see them and you must have lost someone Comet Hyakatuke from the University of OregonThe spirit power issue embodies the home heart stay wander conflict for Severine For Fran ois while he is not in on the ghostly vision thing he is very attached to Severine which keeps him from wandering too much even though Maman encourages him to see the world For R is n the attachment is Liam As a young man he wanted to be just like his father It is heartbreaking he thinks the things people believe they want when they are young but the pull of her curiosity is so overpowering that she breaks out of the gravity of home and sees as much of the world and the universe as she can When she walks across the field she opens her arms wide and imagines a world so big so full of people she would never tire of exploring it her eyes fixed on the sky above until she slips on some sheep droppings only just managing to catch her fall Liam s always telling her the ground is just as important as the sky The book is organized around the arrival of major comets Each chapter includes the name of the comet and the year in which it appeared from contemporary well a little ahead of when this was posted 2017 to medieval 1066 times Each chapter is populated by ancestors The selection of Bayeux as a base location is no coincidence The Bayeux Tapestry on display in Bayeux but most likely made in England an impressively lengthy work of art at over two hundred twenty feet by a foot and a half tall not only tells the historical tale of events leading up to the Norman Conuest and ending with the Battle of Hastings it is also the first reference in human history to Halley s Comet which appeared in 1066 Sedgwick weaves the tapestry into her tale shows us a bit of it s making and it s display in a local museum She uses images from the tapestry as inspiration for elements of her story A small piece of the tapestry with Halley s comet from Britain s Reading museumAt first blush one might make the mistake of thinking this is a romance I did not react to it as such Sure there are certainly romantic elements in the connection of this person to that and that one to another but The Comet Seekers has it s eyes cast upward on grander visions There is a certain force we experience with people and places an attraction a pull a connection however invisible it might be and so we circle maybe connect possibly even crash even if in the case of things like comets or hearts the ovoid route may be a particularly long one In a way one might see R is n Liam and Fran ois Severine as two binary star systems locked in a gravitational dance with each other whatever the physical distance there may be between In addition to the draw of home there is much tugging between the past and present the attraction of and even need for adventure vs the gravity of warmth and home the appeal of the wide open universe vs the draw of terra firmaComet Hale Bopp from WikimediaThe plot line may involve connecting R is n and Fran ois who encounter each other like two heavenly bodies with intersecting orbits but that is a mechanism not the essence There is so much going on here it could fill a planetarium dome But it would all result in a gray cloudy view if the characters Sedgwick created did not have some starlight in them I found things I could relate to in a range of characters male and female Yearning knows no gender Feeling stuck is neither male nor female Having to make excruciating choices is a human condition not a male or female one as are joy and disappointment Losing loved ones hurts on both sides of the gender fence There are tears to be found here Keep those tissues at the ready But there is joy as well in the humanity of Sedgwick s characters the daring of her approach and the magic she has dreamt up to illuminate her tale The Comet Seekers is a masterful and brilliant book smart emotionally engaging and wholly entertaining a celebration not only of our capacity for connection to each other but of taking strength hope and inspiration from the connections we have to our past This is a book that is sure to blaze a bright trail across the publishing universe one you will not want to miss The Comet Seekers is nothing less than heaven on earthPublication 101116Review 51316EXTRA STUFFLinks to the author s personal Twitter and FB pagesThere is a lovely short piece on Sedgwick s inspiration for a short story progenitor of this novel on Kirsty Logan s blog The Comet Seekers gets a nice pat on the back in this piece in the NY Times October 30 2016 Newly Released Books The animated Bayeux TapestryThe sound of a comet Yes really well sort of Go ahead Check this out For all things Comet ish check out this siteThe comet section of NASA s website is lovely as well I looked around for 2016 comets that might be visible to the naked eye Alas But if you have telescope technology there are some to be found

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SUMMARY Å The Comet Seekers Helen Sedgwick · 1 SUMMARY Ing changesWhile Róisín grew up in a tiny village in Ireland ablaze with a passion for science and the skies and for all there is to discover about the world François was raised by his beautiful young mother who dreamt of new worlds but was unable to turn her back on her pastAs we loop back through their lives glimpsing ea. I am afraid The Comet Seekers and I were not a good matchWhile I appreciated the lyrical writing it wasn t enough to sustain my interest Things were moving slowly the many characters from past and present confused me especially in the beginning I never felt engaged with the story never really cared for any of the characters This novel was too melancholy and too ponderous and it felt much longer than it wasThe ghosts drove me insane as I never uite got their meaning I personally would have loved a lot science and fewer ghosts I can get my head around sciency matters even though I m illiterate when it comes to astronomy not a subject that ever interested me but ghosts and other such supernatural beings don t do it for meThe narrator of this book did a great job so I can t blame my lack of enthusiasm on the audiobookSo this gets an indulgent 3 stars

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