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By BALDACCI DAVID ê 4 characters REDEMPTION (191 GRAND) characters ï 104 Ippi. like so many excellent writers Mr Baldacci seems to gradually movetowards the great novel with depressing character analysis and endless description of emotions using several pages of dirge where in earlier writing he would have achieved much in a few sharp paragraphs Such was the case in the first part of this book and I almost gave up In fact I left it for some time and returned to it to find that all of his earlier intrigue and pace was thereand it was indeed a most interesting plot well executed absorbing and enjoyable a thoroughly good read

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By BALDACCI DAVID ê 4 characters REDEMPTION (191 GRAND) characters ï 104 117. Like so many readers I have enjoyed the way author David Baldacci has crafted adventures around Detective Amos Decker Now with REDEMPTION we are able to see him deal with something that is not really part of his profile the possibility of being wrongThis book takes us into his grappling with the fact that he might have been instrumental in sending a man to prison that is actually innocent and with the clock racing against them both Decker goes back to either prove he was right or to right a wongThrough the book there are the usual interactions we have come to know with Decker and some of the other characters With Sally we get reminders of how he is viewed by others and even by himself But we also get the somber moments when he reflects on what he has lost and what really drives him the search for truthWill he be able to show he got it right or will he be allowed to free an innocent man and make sure a killer is brought to justice That is the road we travel in REDEMPTION and each chapter prepares you for the surprises that are to come

By BALDACCI DAVID ê 4 characters

By BALDACCI DAVID ê 4 characters REDEMPTION (191 GRAND) characters ï 104 6 sh. Amos Decker is back in another solid offering from Baldacci Many twists of plot with interesting villains to challenge all of Decker s analytical abilities Surprises abound in his small hometown as he pays his annual visit to the graves of his wife and daughter Murders aplenty treachery lies and stonewalling adversaries keeps one s interest till the mystery is solved

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