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Videogames for Humans characters ¹ 100 Behind the fluorescent veil of modern big business video games a uiet revolution is happening and it’s centered on a tool called Twine Taken up by nontraditional game authors to describe distinctly nontraditional subjects from struggles with depression explorations of ueer identity and analyses of the world of modern sex and dating t. I literally suealed with joy when I found out what Videogames for Humans is about An entire book on Twine And Twine games And the people who make them Why welcome to Wonderland Thing is I have a friend who s been thrusting Twine onto me for the past couple of years yet I partly disappointed by the low tide of people s interest in pure text reading partly excited about the new opportunities offered by visual novels have been neglecting it probably thinking thoughts like What can another textual tool bring to our waning medium Who knows Sometimes I can t uite trace my own thinkingAnyway finally I ve found something that will guide me through Twine without I hope all the pain of trial and error excitement and disenchantment hit and miss I hope The opening essay Eva Problems thoughts on Rat Chaos both thrilled and terrified me And it did both for one and the same reason its honesty I love to see people open up like this But then I hate to comment on their words They feel too personal In some way sacredSo see me smile instead and nod Riley MacLeod s stroll through Fuck That Guy had me smile a lot too Sometimes incredulously C mon they can t be all that bad sometimes with great sympathy especially at this part I tend to arc toward sleeping with people instead of sleeping with bodies and sometimes with bafflement is Riley pulling our collective leg here or is this observation dead seriousAt any rate if the going s going to be that good I m holding on for dear life Emily Short s experience of Anhedonia is another instance of too personal too sacred In fact here I d have appreciated if Emily had said included screenshots Being bipolar myself I m deeply curious about others version of depression and other ways to cope with it So yes I want moar Also so far I ve been enjoying the essays far than the game texts themselves Hmmmm And seemingly to compensate me the book then offers me Imogen Binnie s thoughts on Eva Problems s Sabbat Where while I do enjoy Imogen s thoughts I sueal with laughter or shudder with this tiny bit of visceral terror at Eva s writing It s luscious lascivious ludicrous It makes fun of itself What could I ask for Tom McHenry s Horse Master is the second game whose narrative excites me There s a type of jigsaw fiction speculative or not where the thrill is in discovering what world we are in Naomi Clark s notes accentuate the discoveries so much so that sometimes they feel like the log of certain uestsYes a part of me hates the ending another part hates the randomness But the rest of me have been too thrilled and moved to nitpick Elizabeth Sampat s Nineteen reads like a non suicide note summing up all the things that we wouldn t have been able to tell our loved ones if we had gone through with the act Which is perhaps a tribute to interactive fiction itself the what if but also what if aspect that makes it far satisfying than linear fiction for a vast number of themes and situationsAnd one of its conclusions resonates with one of my foundations why I am still alive tooIt took a decade maybe longer to realize that no matter what I did it would be impossible to handle these feelings on my own I joined a church in high school I wrote I tried therapy All of these things helped some than others but the only consistently valuable tool I have found has been my friendsDepression convinces you that you have no power Sometimes you need friends to lend you some of theirs My first reaction to Michael Brough s scarfmemory was WTF A dirge about a stupid scarf Now after going through it along with Anna Anthropy I feel ashamed Stereotyping has many faces I should know better And Michael I m sorry about your loss too Aevee Bee s Removed another very personal journey Across the densest jungle so far each sentence needs its own untanglingI wish it were longer though In Bryan Reid s For Political Lovers a Little Utopia Sketch I didn t enjoy the game but really sympathized and often empathized with Avery McDalndo s experience of it In fact the game text made me gulp uncomfortably a few times I too am prone to these impenetrable layers of abstraction and having too much fun at the expense of my readers I don t always do it on purpose I promise But there was a thought at the very conclusion of Avery s reflections which points to a possible interpretation that Little Utopia Sketch starts as a muddle and ends as a mirror in order to demonstrate the uality of the transition that it hints at Sounds good Bryan Reid s literally poetic response to Miranda Simon s Your Lover Has Turned into a Flock of Birds was elouent multi layered and well impenetrable To meMiranda s Lover was short But I do hope their love was longer Jeremy Penner s There Ought to Be a Word is deceptively simple yet perhaps the most mature and explorational essay so far Or at least it becomes so when youI supplement it with Austin Walker s analysis Also is essay the word I m really looking for How bout analysis Yes There Ought to Be a Word has that effect on youme I see all my relationships intimate or not in a similarly ambivalent between and beyond the words way so I was the third man in the company silently pondering asking and answering and asking againSo what do you call a friend to whom you go when all your words have failed What about the one whom you call when you ve bashed in your own door and can t fix it The one that shares with you the most amazing visions of the future kindling the fire to come up with your own The one you ve never seen in person she who writes the tenderest reviews and sounds just this bit broken and makes you want to make the whole world wholeview spoilerYou call them by their names feels like a cop out hide spoiler

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Videogames for Humans characters ¹ 100 Nd games theorist merritt kopas puts Twine authors literary writers and games critics into conversation with one another’s work reacting to elaborating on and being affected by the same The result is an unprecedented kind of book about video games one that will jump start the discussions that will define the games culture of tomorrow. Ayyy this was good There were definitely some less interesting reviews but those tended to be shorter Some were really good Imogen Binnie s was so good Riley Macleod s was great Leigh Alexander are you shitting meI kind of wanna give a piece by piece review cause I m tired of reading anthologies and being like it was good but uneven and i will do that if i reread this but i probably won t reread itprobably should play some twine games first to see if this is really your bag

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Videogames for Humans characters ¹ 100 O visions of breeding crustacean horses in a dystopian future the Twine movement to date has created space for those who have previously been voiceless within games culture to tell their own stories as well as to invent new visions outside of traditional channels of commerceVideogames for Humans curated and introduced by Twine author a. This book lets you experience Twine games each contributor plays a game writing out the text of their playthrough and their immediate reactions to the stories that unfold before themA lot of these games come from trans or ueer authors and the contributing writers are often from the same community I find it valuable not only to readplay games from diverse creators but also to read analysis from diverse authors I played Aevee Bee s Removed months ago because I m a hopeless fan of anything she does I enjoyed it but my enjoyment was on a surface level But when I read Lydia Neon s playthrough and saw the way Bee s writing affected Neon I had to catch my breathVideogames for Humans is good to break off and read a bit at a time If you re curious about Twine games or you like to see how other people think this is a great book

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