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Summary Õ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ José Antonio Villareal José Antonio Villareal ✓ 8 Summary Review Pocho Author José Antonio Villareal Villarreal illuminates here the world of pochos Americans whose parents come to the United States from Mexico Set in Depression era California the novel focuses on Richard a. A serendipitous find one of my very best More than ever I am implicitly trusting my instincts these days when it comes to discovering new books good books What else can possibly explain my finger stopping on this title while browsing the shelves in the used books section of East London s Durning Hall A book that I had never heard of in a lifetime of bookwormery Nothing except that odd staccato name Pocho and a triple barrel Hispanic moniker that was always going to arrest my attention Pocho as it turns out was the very first Mexican American novel published way back in 1959 This was subaltern fiction long before the word crawled out of the primordial ooze of Gayatri Spivak s mind The writer s father was a cavalry officer in the Mexican Revolution a Pancho Villa loyalist who uit Mexico when the Centaur of the North was defeated by his archrival General Obregon Villarreal p re crossed the border via the Juarez El Paso route and made his way overland to California There his son was born Jose Antonio who went on to become a pioneer of Chicano literature Pocho is his autobiographical account of growing up poor and Mexican in Depression era California The word itself means rotten fruit and is used to describe Chicanos living or growing up in el norte not dissimilar to the ABCD slur that is used to tag desi kids in the States The protagonist Richard Rubio is the son of first generation Mexican migrants In calm and measured prose Villarreal describes his childhood and youth amid the lush groves and orchards of California the same fruit farms where his parents and their friends the entire Mexican community in fact earned their living These were the people on the other side of Steinbeck s Okies though not uite so poor not uite as rootless The prose has all the truth and immediacy of lived experience no doubt many of the people and events of the book were drawn from real life Villarreal has a gift for memorable scenes The human mess that was the Mexican border after a decade of civil war Four men playing cards by lamplight under a bridge in New Mexico ending inevitably in bloodshed A woman suatting by a dry creek in order to pee and instead popping out a baby A young Catholic boy s struggles with sexual awakening Farm strikes and Communist agitation in the depths of the Depression That brilliant passage where Richard s all consuming lust for knowledge collides head on with the modest ambitions and religious conservatism of his peasant stock parents He is a boy apart an obsessive bookworm devoted solely to reading and learning the one kid who s read all the books in the school library Even in a community of misfits he is drawn to its most awkward members for friendship and company All these small human dramas playing out in the eternal sunshine of California beneath the blue dome that shimmers forever above the Golden State The second half of the book is all about the losses that accrue in adolescence and early adulthood Emancipated from the twin Mexican traditions of machismo and misogyny the mother begins to speak out Stormy scenes in the family home eventually turn apocalyptic The collision of tradition and modernity ends up breaking the marriage of Richard s parents It s simple Juan Rubio does not how to change Richard himself grows distant from both parents grows ambitions of his own that are distinct from his peer group and his society He wants to become a writer What drives him is that same restless male uest for the ineffable the numinous that drove his father the biponno bishmoy that another pre war author had written of halfway around the world All the same he is preternaturally attractive to women Zelda former child leader of the neighbourhood gang whose humiliating fall results in her becoming sexual fodder for the whole crew grows up to become a striking young woman and falls hard for Richard The love scenes shine But they don t stop Richard from scattering his seed liberally up to and including banging the wives of woolly white liberal Marxists who have deigned to adopt him as their native mascot Richard finds their attitude to sharing the marital bed disappointingly middle class There are interesting descriptions too of Latino youth subculture in California in the 1940s Richard runs with the pachucos describes their appearance and behaviour in almost anthropological detail There are japes and scrapes with other gangs with the police After working all week at the factory to put food on the family table these hi jinks liven up Richard s weekend But the war comes eventually and with it the chance to make a decisive break from family from responsibility from boredom from California Richard signs up with the navy but not before the author inserts one final poignant note Thomas Nakano the Japanese kid in the gang who is bound for the internment camps I just come to say goodbye you guys I got nothing to do with the warI m an American just like you guys I just come to say goodbye cause we gotta go away A beautiful book then about belonging and not belonging about growing up about community and family By rights it belongs with the best Bildungsromans At various times it reminded me of The Grapes of Wrath of Azuela s The Underdogs and Nadeem Aslam s Maps for Lost Lovers Can t say fairer than that

Summary Õ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ José Antonio VillarealPocho Author José Antonio Villareal

Summary Õ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ José Antonio Villareal José Antonio Villareal ✓ 8 Summary Review Pocho Author José Antonio Villareal Young pocho who experiences the intense conflict between loyalty to the traditions of his family's past and attraction to new ideas Richard's struggle to achieve adulthood as. it was a nice book because it was showing what the chicanosmexicans want to do to change how people look at usHe came out the struggle just any other chicano bu at the end we had to show who we were really are

José Antonio Villareal ✓ 8 Summary

Summary Õ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ José Antonio Villareal José Antonio Villareal ✓ 8 Summary Review Pocho Author José Antonio Villareal A young man influenced by two worlds reveals both the uniueness of the Mexican American experiences and its common ties with the struggles of all Americans whatever their pa. Idk whether to give this five stars cause it made me laugh so much or 1 star because it s garbage

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