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Beyond author Graham McNamee

read ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ Graham McNamee Graham McNamee ´ 6 free read characters Beyond author Graham McNamee Gs happen and to overcome her shadow enemy Her sleuthing with Lexi connects her own horrors to the secret history of a serial killer. Beyond A Ghost Story has in interesting premise and just enough creep factor to keep you on the edge of your seatSara she s called Jane in the blurb on the back of the book but Sara in the ARC is recovering from a near death experience She still has the nail from the nail gun in her head She was dead and brought back to life Unfortunately this seems to be a trend in Sara s life She drank drain cleaner grabbed a downed electric wire that was live and almost got hit by a train before this most recent eventThe only person besides Sara who knows what is going on is Sara s best friend Lexi Sara is haunted by her shadow At times her shadow leaves her body and makes Sara do things to harm herself like pick up a nail gun hold it to her head and press the triggerSara has nightmares and walks in her sleep Her shadow sends her to places she doesn t understand Throughout Beyond A Ghost Story Lexi and Sara try to figure out why Sara is haunted There is a reason this isn t just a random thing I enjoyed how it all works out McNamee has mixed the real with the supernatural in a very interesting wayI did have to suspend some disbelief regarding the parents doctors and other adults as is often the case After all the things their daughter has gone through she still manages to convince them that these are all accidents Not likelyBeyond A Ghost Story is short easy to read and engaging Something is always happening there isn t any down time I can easily recommend this to reluctant readers who like ghost stories Beyond A Ghost Story isn t super scary and is suited to the middle school crowd or younger teens

characters Beyond author Graham McNamee

read ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ Graham McNamee Graham McNamee ´ 6 free read characters Beyond author Graham McNamee Jane is not your typical teen She and her best friend Lexi call themselves the Creep Sisters Only Lexi knows why Jane is different. So back when I was a sweet little tween I was easily freaked out by Fear Street books and the like especially the Cheerleader series CREEPED ME OUT I wouldn t go showering after games at the gym is noone was around any the girl dying because of boiling shower and steam still haunts me And though I don t really read or watch scary stuff much these days I figured this would get me back to those days in which I LOVED themUnfortunately it didn t uite work out that way for me You see the whole time I was reading it I felt like I should be scared of everything happening but I never really felt it myself Maybe it was because I never really connected to Jane and didn t feel the horror she must have been experiencing I didn t feel much of anything while reading this book except for a mild curiosity about how it would all endJane and Lexi seemed like a good team friendwise though I was kinda annoyed that they also seemed to be taking this whole Jane almost being killed by her shadow multiple times less seriously than I would have liked I mean I couldn t get over the fact that they waited till the fourth time before starting to investigate it Don t we have internet for this I get not wanting to tell her parents for fear they d lock her away but not even wondering who or what was doing that to her seemed sorta naive Especially after the last nail in head incident And I kinda wanted to shake Jane right before the big moment in which you can see from miles away SOMETHING BAD is going to happen I mean seriously That was SO predictable And the whole unraveling of the who what and where of things was a bit too convenient for me I did think that the ghost part of the who and why of it was pretty interesting and I just wish I had felt involved with the story I think the main reason why I finished it was that it was a uick read and I knew it wouldn t take hours of my life to stick with it It wasn t badly written for me there just wasn t a connection and because of that no sense of fear which is kinda what you need for a book that s supposed to be creepy I m assuming things here I could be wrong My rating 2 stars

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read ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ Graham McNamee Graham McNamee ´ 6 free read characters Beyond author Graham McNamee From anyone else Her own shadow seems to pull her into near fatal accidents Jane is determined to find out why these terrifying thin. Rated 25 reallyExcerpt from my review originally published at Offbeat YA Pros Interesting premise Lead you can empathise with Peculiar sidekick Family plays a big roleCons Main characters lack depth Their friendship feels a bit unlikely Massive use of collouialinformal speech understood subjectWARNING Kid abuse is implied There s tension and psychological horror and the ending is pretty intense Nothing terribly scary thoughWill appeal to First time horrorsupernatural readersPremisedespite my rating this is not a bad book I had a few problems with it but in all honesty I think that as a horrorsupernatural novel for beginners it delivers I d recommend it to young teens who are dipping their toes in the genresBIZARRE FRIENDSHIPFirst off the blurb is not accurate Jane would indeed be a fairly typical teen if not for her shadow trying to kill her since she was a kid Now her best Lexi is definitely the not typical half of their small team with her goth appearance and her penchant for shooting videos that often than not revolve around dead and decomposing animals Mind you I enjoyed the descriptions of Lexi s photography and videomaking because the author was able to convey both her passion for those artistic media and her vision What I didn t buy was Lexi s friendship with Jane to begin with It sounds like Lexi originally went after Jane because she was a freak in some respect courtesy of one of her incidents that had left her hands burned Yes Lexi is protective of Jane and helpful when it comes to investigate her scary situation but still I was never able to get a real sense of their friendshipPECULIAR SHADOWThe mystery behind Jane s predicament was what kept the book going for me I do believe it s an original spin on the killer shadow myth The connection between Jane and such shadow the reason why it tries to kill her the reason why it has a life of its own to begin with it was fascinating to read If the Goosebumps or Point Horror series still existed Beyond would make for a solid addition to botheven sophisticated than some of their original books I can safely say Whole review here

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