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Download ã Even Vikings Get the Blues É PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free After a sea operation gone wrong Navy SEAL Rita Sawyer awakens to find herself still clad in her wetsuit and in a cage w. uick Rundown Rita Sawyer former movie stunt woman is now training to become a female Navy SEAL She is knocked out cold hit on the head during a routine SEAL training session and time travels to Norstead during the Viking age Steven leader of Norstead discovers Rita believes she is a sea creature given that she arrives in a wetsuit and decides to jail her until he figures out what she is and what to do with her The witches of the land believe they have cast a spell to summon Rita s arrival and that she is the light to Steven s dark brooding demeanorFirst Impression I had not read any of Sandra Hill s books before but I understand now that she writes with and emphasizes humor Going in I had no idea how silly it would be Silly as in cheesy So much so that even within the chapters there are sub titles such as He was the Donald Trump of the dark ages and They weren t Reva and Josh but there was a Guiding LightThe Hero A depressed barbaric Viking that Rita says has the blues As a form of punishment he decides to parade Ree tah around town with a slave collar to assert his power and controlThe Heroine An independent feisty woman who adjusts unrealistically well to her new way of life in the Viking age She decides to make the best of it and invent deodorant and condoms the two things she feels is needed mostWhat worked Ms Hill has a flair for description and two of her passions are food and sex I have never heard an author be so descriptive with food and the sex scenes were sensual hot and probably the only non corny part of the book Also Ms Hill references Clark Gable and Johnny Depp who are two of my favorite men so I will give her kudos for thatWhat didn t work While I enjoy books with humor the overabundance of it in this case was a turn off for me I believe Ms Hill referenced pop culture and modern day topics in an attempt to highlight the difference between the time periods However the jokes and on liners ended up being distracting and didn t particularly forward the generally weak storyline As a reader I kept uestioning why I was not laughing and ultimately felt no real connection between Rita and Steven and did not really care where they ended up past or futureFinal conclusion I don t think the Vikings are for me but if someone enjoys corny references to pop culture that outweighs storyline and character this is the book and world to chose

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Download ã Even Vikings Get the Blues É PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ith a bunch of Vikings staring at her including one very tempting warlord Steven of Norstead has been in a cold dark moo. All I can say isI loved this book I ve read all of Hill s VikingNavy SEALSWEALS series and they are all good This one was so good I just smiled and giggled throughout the entire book Steven and Rita were wonderful together I loved the way He was always trying to teach her to submit to him even in bedsport The sex scenes were HOT but they just seem to fit in because she is such an aggressive female and he is a major Dominant Viking I still wish she d tone down the descriptions of her sex scenes some I would have given this 5 s if she had I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants a sweet love story and some giggles The story opens with Rita just finishing up on a movie set as a Hollywood stunt woman She gets recruited for the Navy WEALS program She works very hard during her year long training for WEALS It sounded like torture for me Right near the end of her first year of training the women must face HELL WEEK Ugh During an exercise in the water something goes wrong and she ends up going back to the past in Viking times The Vikings who discover her in the water thinks she s a sea creature She is wearing her wet suit and flippers They put her in a wooden cage to protect themselves from her When she awakes she starts explaining who she is and that she is NOT A SEA CREATURE It is so funny

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Download ã Even Vikings Get the Blues É PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free D for many weeks But perhaps this unusual woman with her sharp tongue and irksome ways could be the one to light his fir. Loved this book Once I started reading I was enjoying it sooo much I didn t want to put it down To the point where I had a serious debate after finishing it about going and buying books by this author to read next even though I have 30 books already purchased and sitting in my to be read pileI do have to admit that thinking back on it a couple days after reading that this book seems in line with a normal Viking romance books her latest series releases than time traveling There was very little focus on time travel or time travel related humor Still I was really happy to read in the back that there will be time traveling Viking books

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