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Read L'Identité Milan Kundera è 0 Download Download L'Identité 100 Rosses the border between the real and the unreal between what occurs in the world outside and what the mind creates in its solitudeOf all contemporary writers only Kundera can transform such a hidden and disconcerting perception into the material for a novel one of his finest most painful and most enlightening Which surprisingly turns out to be a love story. Lightness of Book 158 gramsBook of Laughter NoLiterary Immortality LowLaughable Loves count 1Naked characters count 2My least favourite Kundera book so far I was excited by the concept of the novel and some parts were interesting to read but others were predictable and there was a lack of magical passages which leave an impression as in his previous books I d read or am I just getting used to his style The latter end was especially disappointing as it felt disjointed and somewhat artificial I think I might stop seeing you for a while MilanHe stares at her unable to understand what she is saying what she means She is sad because men don t turn to look at her any He wants to say to her And me What about me Me who goes searching for you for kilometres on the beach me who shouts your name in tears and who could chase after you the length and breadth of the planetHe doesn t say it Instead slowly his tone low he repeats her words Men don t turn to look at you any Is that really why you re sad

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Read L'Identité Milan Kundera è 0 Download Download L'Identité 100 Loved oneWith stunning artfulness in expanding and playing variations on the meaningful moment Milan Kundera has made this situation and the vague sense of panic it inspires the very fabric of his new novel Here brevity goes hand in hand with intensity and a moment of bewilderment marks the start of a labyrinthine journey during which the reader repeatedly c. This small gripping novel is the story of two lovers Jean Marc and Chantal It moves from one to the other following assumptions emotions beliefs and ideas some shared but mostly held in secret It s about being seen and about how we see each other Identity is not fixed but is drawn from the mirrors around us One of the messages of this novel is that in order to love you need to be certain that you know who the other person is Once you start to doubt your lover s identity love is eroded In this novel when love starts to crumble the lovers encounter their own secret fears For Chantal this means being naked and for Jean Marc it means becoming a beggar The desperation of their own fears drive them back to the safety of their relationshipOne thread of the story concerns Jean Marc and his friend F who is nameless because he is rejected as a friend Jean Marc does not trust F any and withholds recognition of their shared past Throughout the book every trembling inner movement is echoed by some outer event even if only a passing glance or a uick conversation This gives the novel a sure rhythm

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Read L'Identité Milan Kundera è 0 Download Download L'Identité 100 Milan Kundera's Identitynbsp translated from the French by Linda AsherThere are situations in which we fail for a moment to recognize the person we are with in which the identity of the other is erased while we simultaneously doubt our own That also happens with couples indeed above all with couples because lovers fear than anything else losing sight of the. To these uestions he has no answerMilan Kundera is a philosopher in the garb of novelist but a philosopher of life lived dreamed and yearned for a philosopher who will not deal in abstract metaphysics and grand scheme of ideas that in the last analysis and against the banality of the real world bears little of its weight on who we are what we do and mostly importantly why we do itThrough the story of an odd people Jean Marc and Chantal who get together as a result of oddness in their previous lives Kundera explores the chemistry of a modern day relationship with an acute eye over the dimensionless mass of contradictions and conflicts of the social and the personal that in our day and age drives people into the abyss of dissatisfaction and ennui without there being a hope for salvation of a freeing revelation Perhaps an abyss made by our own hands because Jean Marc one day decides to write anonymous love letters to his partner Chantal to see how would she respond to the anonymity of a rude intrusion into their love life Because the gaze of love is a gaze that isolatesThe conseuences were catastrophic Despite the full knowledge and clear understanding of where they re heading basic human emotions of love revenge jealousy sadness suspicion disbelief all get together to play their part in a Shakespearean pantomime of Kafkaesue proportions about which even Nietzsche wouldn t have much to say except put his arms around the neck of a horse and cry in utter despairIt s a difficult book to paraphrase something I have felt with most novels of his that I have read And I do think it futile to give a synopsis of the plot and a sketch of its principal protagonists for talking about this novel in any other way would amount to reducing it down to the unreliability of a reader s perception when there s so much in there to see to perceive to muse and deliberate over and so I d end this short review with a recommendation please read it The word life is a king of words The King word surrounded by other grand words The word adventure The word future And the word hope By the way do you know the code name for the atom bomb they dropped on Hiroshima Little Boy That s a genius the fellow who invented that code They couldn t have dreamed up a better name Little boy kid tyke tot there s no word that s tender touching loaded with future June 16

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