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Working Hard is Not Good Enough

Working Hard is Not Good Enough Characters ↠ 0 Describes fifteen critical elements that make a real difference for those who are in pursuit of success Based on extensive research he has culled deep insights from local and global business cases and has given the book the right management flavor. Reading unusual topic give us good thoughts I got this experience from this book Those who love to read some thing new should get thisTHE Examples are very inspiring and relevant Being a management student this book truly gives me the right insightsA must read

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Working Hard is Not Good Enough Characters ↠ 0 To What else one does especially when the conventional path of hard work doesn’t yield resultsTGC Prasad who has already left an indelible impact with his earlier books has authored yet again a very interesting book an engaging read wherein he. The book is good in general but will be helpful for people with entrepreneurial goals It provides the icing on the cake ie the very first page mentions that hardwork is imperative There is no secret or shortcut whatsoever

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Working Hard is Not Good Enough Characters ↠ 0 Hard work is the foundation for accomplishing major milestones in life but then often than not only a very few become successful in their career and life endeavors So what are the differences which made some of them achieve what they really wanted. I just can t get enough of this book The author has made it so interesting that at no place I felt that I should stopGo and grab this book if you really want to know what it takes than hard work to succeed in any phase of life Author just doesn t say it he backs everything with real instances people who made it bigIt is a must read for everyone