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The Descent of Alette Poets Penguin

Alice Notley ↠ 5 review The Descent of Alette Poets Penguin Summary ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free In The Descent of Alette Alice Notley presents a feminist epic a bold journey into the deeper realms Alette the narrator finds herself underground deep beneath the city where spirits and people ride endlessly o. Epic and slow moving The Descent of Alette dramatizes a single woman s battle against an ancient patriarchal force The novel in verse follows Alette the narrator as she wages war against the evil omnipresent Tyrant the personification of patriarchy the Tyrant has imprisoned everyone underground in a subway system and only with his defeat can people return to the surface and reconnect with the natural world As the heroine travels to and fro she recollects the stories of the people she meets and muses about what a feminist future might entail As admirable as Notley s project is it pales in comparison to other American women poets feminist epics from Gwendolyn Brooks s Annie Allen to Bernadette Mayer s Midwinter Day The storyline is dated the language drags and most notably the work s new measure in which rhythmic units are indicated by uotation marks feels incredibly gimmicky Notley s written many great shorter poems but this seems worth passing

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Alice Notley ↠ 5 review The Descent of Alette Poets Penguin Summary ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free He seeks to confront the Tyrant and heal the world Using a new measure with rhythmic units indicated by uotation marks Notley has created a spoken text a rich and mesmerizing work of imagination mystery and pow. i listened to alice notley s four hour reading of this and that brought me into wild states of stupor recommend

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Alice Notley ↠ 5 review The Descent of Alette Poets Penguin Summary ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free N subways not allowed to live in the world above Traveling deeper and deeper she is on a journey of continual transformation encountering a series of figures and undergoing fragmentations and metamorphoses as s. The Descent of Alette is a contemporary feminist approach to the traditional monomyth even following the 17 stages as per Joseph Campbell fairly closely What makes this myth slightly different and perhaps relevant is the female as hero and the man as villain Alette is on a journey to defeat the tyrant who represents the repression and submission of women and refers to himself as comprising all reality The epic is dripping with metaphors some blatant than others about the evils of patriarchy and the sin man has committed to nature represented by a headless woman She travels through levels which in a way resemble a video game four books separated into subway stations caves forestswaters and leading up to the ultimate face off with the tyrant or boss if you will with the goal of reestablishing nature and the value of woman out of man s destruction and oppressive patriarchyWhen reading this one may get the notion that Notley really hates men Women must be beasts in order to transcend man s domain and even then they are still bound in one way or another within his imposed restrictions Non bestial women are rendered as faceless objectified static and helpless characters in the world man crafts Notley s women lose their sanity over this They are trapped perpetually in an underground subway where identities are few and far between trapped there by the man Alette must conuerNotley employs striking imagery and a language that absorbs the reader The epic is rich complex and easy to get lost in For metaphor junkies it can provide hours of stimulating and thought provoking analysis One such example she uses the subway to illustrate how individuals can lose their individuality you see them perform actions without objects As if in pantomime Without papers without machines Most ofthese are women They wear dresses pantyhose grown up shoes Then a man in a suit enters they hand him all theirinvisible work 19Most everyone is personality less often faceless with actions predetermined by gender roles In the subway we see the power dynamic between the men and women of everyday reality The only people on the subway who are distinguished in any way are the insane Alette proposes to the women that they could leave this realm of identitilessness and powerlessness if they grouped together but she herself is reluctant to alone transcend the place that has become so familiar and safeThe next realm she enters is that of the caves where issues of sex and gender are uestioned Here Alette loses her sex and subseuently her sense of identity So ubiuitous is gender that it is a great task for one to have a sense of self beyond it Throughout the poem Notley examines this in various ways uestioning the pervasiveness and necessity of genderIn the forest esue place Alette next enters she meets the headless women representing at once Mother Nature and the objectification of the female form In the previous book gender was uestioned while here it seems to be proliferated as Alette learns the value of her sex Though this is also where she learns the value and ability of her own bestiality the ultimate boon She becomes nature free of man s artificial intrusion It is ultimately the natural which succeeds which defeats the tyrant and within nature is both a genderlessness and an euality of gender that speaks to the importance of the female as a separate entity as well as a ubiuitous force necessary for lifeThough this is a blatantly feminist epic the language imagery allusions metaphors all help to make The Descent of Alette enjoyable to anyone who appreciates literature regardless of individual ideology It is rife with potential analysis and deconstruction yet is also a story that can be enjoyed superficially merely for what it is