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Graham Swift × 3 read review ↠ eBook or Kindle ePUB × Graham Swift download Waterland St ale making and madness the heartless sweep of history and a family romance as tormented as any in Greek tragedyWaterland like the Hardy novels carries with all else a prof. Like the countryside in which it is set I recall this book as being grey depressing and sodden I can t recall a thing that I learned from it all I remember is the enormous sense of relief I had once I managed to finish itThough as the blurb helpfully point out there are eels and incest

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Graham Swift × 3 read review ↠ eBook or Kindle ePUB × Graham Swift download Waterland Set in the bleak Fen Country of East Anglia and spanning some 240 years in the lives of its haunted narrator and his ancestors Waterland is a book that takes in eels and ince. This is a story about a history teacher Tom Crick He is in his fifties and lives in Greenwich England known for its observatory Greenwich Mean Time and 0 longitude You might say it is where time starts or at least the place by which other times are set This is a book about the importance of history both world history and personal history History hinges upon what came before in timeTom is the narrator of the story He starts in the present the 1980s He is being forced into retirement Why Decreased funding or something else Instead of delivering dry lectures he decides to tell of his own ancestors his years as a teenager growing up in the Fens the coastal lands of East Anglia and of his marriage He weaves himself into history Why Because personal stories make history relevantThe telling shifts this way and that in time The telling is fragmentary and nonlinear This is a techniue that usually does no

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Graham Swift × 3 read review ↠ eBook or Kindle ePUB × Graham Swift download Waterland Ound knowledge of a people a place and their interweaving Swift tells his tale with wonderful contemporary verve and verbal felicity A fine and original work Los Angeles Time. After Rushdie s The Moor s Last Sigh I could only expect that another family saga will end up in my hands Waterland by Graham Swift It was my first plunge into Swift s waters and I hope that it won t be the last one I only regret reading Waterland in Lithuanian instead of its original language and I will not know until I pick up the next book by Swift if my four stars should be attributed to my not fully identifying with the author s voice or the translator sWaterland is a story about storytelling a narrative about narration that analyses the meaning and the necessity of history Children only animals live entirely in the Here and Now Only nature knows neither memory nor history But man let me offer you a definition is the storytelling animal Wherever he goes he wants to leave behind not a chaotic wake not an empty space but the comforting marker buoys and trail signs of stories He

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